OCTANE AMY! 103.5 KLST Mixtape of the Month! – December 2019

High Adrenaline, Sub-pounding, and cranking out one dope mix out week after week… Octane Amy is a hell-cat on the decks, who brings consistent DnB / Jungle Mixes and has dropped 3 brand new mixes(1 KLST Debut & 1 Exclusive) in the last week and a half that have all been straight fire! That’s only the tip of the iceberg in her massive collection of output and her dedication to drum and bass.

“That’s what I do!”

Long story short, I hit Amy up because Ms. Bass had been featuring DJs on her show who are playing this amazing Jungle / DNB New Years Party in Chicago.

Me and Laura
both agree:
“Fluid Dynamics, Spade One, Hype!,
Mrs. Magoo, Danny the WIldchild!
Sick talent all across the
bored on this one!”

When I mentioned this flyer to Amy and that I checked out some mixes of hers and wanted to play one of them on my show, she immediately said “Hell Yeah!” and the next day produced a promo mix for the show and told me she wouldn’t release it till I played it the first time!
That’s when I said, “Hell Yeah!”

103.5 KLST
Mixtape of the Month
December 2019

If that wasn’t impressive and cool enough considering how fire the mix was, I kinda already had her in the running for this feature this month… she then produced an Exclusive Mix for RadioKallisti but also put out her own weekend mix on her Soundcloud all with a week and a half!

Octane Amy’s Weekend
Warm-Up Mix
that came out
just 2 days

Amy holds
the same
values of
KLST current
Staff Members

She has a ton of output and everything I have peeped so far has been majorly impressive. We as a station all felt how passionate Amy is about her craft, witnessed amazing amounts of motivation, and were also amazed by the quality of mixes she has consistently released. We thought she lived up to our #bloodsweatandtears motto and deserved this Mixtape of the Month Feature for December 2019 .

After realizing her Soundcloud has one banging and blazing legit mix after the other, it’s understandable why her name is Octane Amy. It’s a constant flow of liquid combustion in it’s purest form on the decks that will make your body move and set the dance floor on fire.”


“As of the release of this feature’s publication, 103.5 KLST Officially Confirms Octane Amy for Rotation.”

-House of Eris

Congratulations Amy!

Check out her Promo Mix
and the rest of her
amazing output
on her Soundcloud!

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