NAP DNB – NAPCAST – 103.5 KLST Broadcast – December 9th 2019 E.V. – 8:00 PM EST

Happy Holidays junglists!!! Tonight’s rotation will melt the Monday monotony with Drum n’ Bass filled merriment! In preparation for Tuesday School Night we are featuring sets from headliner, Knotice, as well as openers Kwenga Roots and Carnie! Then finishing the evening’s rotation with last week’s NapCast submission from Kin3tic!


Not one to be anchored to just one genre, Roots will keep you moving with the techy The Clock Ticks from Dub Phizix and a luscious favorite from Spectrasoul – Light in the Dark. The danceability rating on this one is way high my friends, way high. Roots wants to make ALL the people move to his riddims, so he won’t get you trapped in one groove for too long. Say what? You haven’t heard enough of Major Lazer’s Lean On? Good, it’s in here too (only ya know, even better). But if we’re being honest, and we are, my absolute favorite track in here is Calyx’s Takes One To Know One…..because sometimes it’s the best come back ever. Top to bottom this week’s NAPCast gave me goosebumps over Roots’s mixing and ability to tap into truth with his tunes each and every moment. – Courtney Tanasovich NapCast 111

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This week’s NAPcast is every bit a representation of a multifaceted DJ, but what it also does is showcase why I think Carnie is also probably the second strongest musical “story teller” that Indiana has. Whether he’s bringing you straight mayhem playing some tear-out madness or he’s stroking your passion with some longing liquid, Carnie lays it all on the table each and every time. NAPCast 137 lets us move all over the vibe map with grace and style of the utmost deliverance. Big bouncy liquid introduces things, but it doesn’t take him long to remind you that under all this sexy time, there is always the rumbling of the dark. Each time he moves you into his darkest regions, he shines a light on the ugliness that can fester there, so that we can over come it. Carnie challenges us to experience a range of emotions inside here be they of love, longing, regret or anger. These songs, in this order, are not just here to make you move your feet and bob your head. They are here to inspire you to let what’s inside out. These tunes give it a place to exist. He is in full control of this journey and he’s invited us to trust him as our guide. All of the biggest ups for not only track selection but of groove control. This thing rides along with such determined soul and passion, it’s one I’ll be listening to for manymanymany days, weeks and months to come. And one I’m sure everyone out there is going to dig! – Courtney Tanasovich NAPCAST 137

Check out more of Carnie’s work!


A new mix from our far away friend, Knotice. See, he’s not even gone a week and just can’t stay away! This is what I think I’m going to dub the “Aunt Fancy” mix because it sounds how I sort of envision Knotice’s alter-ego. Funked-up jazz licks guide and shape this week’s NAPCast, brining in chopped up Jungle breaks and sultry vocals to round out the vibe. Aunt Fancy is the type of lady who presents a calm, cool and collected exterior while inside she’s a ball of nervous energy, ricocheting around insider her jangling bones. And that’s exactly how this mix goes down but in the very best ways. Lounge beats hypnotize you into relaxation when you’re suddenly brought back to reality by the fractured rhythms of a tribe you’ve long forgotten. Echos of trumpets remind you where you came from but still, you stay in the unevenness of the Jungle. – Courtney Tanasovich NapCast 211

From His Facebook Bio:

Knotice is an advocate of deep eclectic dance grooves and an atmospheric, often grimy bass-flow to make you move. In the late 90’s, Knotice aka Ash started out performing as a resident DJ for an Industrial club in Michigan known as The Midnight Sun. Using this experience soon opened the doors to the underground where he found his calling. As Ash, he would then move on to DJing at after hours and main events in Chicago, Detroit, and surrounding areas.

It was in the late 2000’s and he reimagined himself as ‘Knotice.’ A name that represents a theme of knowledge, mastery, awareness and a command. With this mindset and focus, he is never afraid to experiment or break the mold. His often-eclectic selection is all reflections of his current frame of mind. You might find during his mixes where he delineates and brews together beautiful synth melodies, grimey backdrops, funky breaks, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks; all to keep you stepping.

“For me, it’s all about feeling the audience and elevating their mood, stimulating that groove. Playing tracks that strike emotions and senses, as well as getting the people to move; regardless of format, or style.” Knotice has been support for world-renowned DJ’s such as 3D, Champagne Drip (SPL), Dara, Danny the Wildchild, DJ Funk, Paul Johnson, Random Movement, Zebbler Encanti Experience among others. Take notice when he’s on deck.

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Catch Kwenga Roots, Carnie, and Knotice this Tuesday at the NAP DNB and House of Babylon “School Night” !



Finishing up the night, we have a DJ reemergence from legend, George Sneed!!

This week’s NAPCast from virgin submitter and new addition to the NAPDNB family – Kin3tiK! Kin3tiK is the alter ego of East Coast native George Sneed, with Junglist roots that can be traced back to inception. A passion for breakbeats and experimental electronic music has kept him tinkering in the lab for decades, and we get a special treat with his first recorded “DJ Set” in 20 years! Described as “A stray from usual production, this 80 min set is a deep journey into the dark, minimal, techie vibes predominately from the lesser known labels.” One listen to this and it’s completely obvious that Kin3tiK has never let his craftsmanship slip, and demonstrates precision with NAPCast #284. Listen up & take notes as Kin3tiK effortlessly builds a proper vibe, twisting and turning through tempos and selections. Dark. Dirty. Delightful. Perfect way to get through the day! – Rintin NapCast 284

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s NapCast assault! Love and respect to NAP DNB, Kwenga Roots, Carnie, Knotice, and Kin3tik! Listen again to tonight’s sets, the entire NapCast archive, event news, and more at:

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