Noncompliant – AKA – DJ Shiva -INDY- agrees to SUBterror Radio syndication at 103.5 KLST!

“As her moniker implies, she takes no prisoners, channelling the fury instilled by worldly injustices into blistering, defiant sets.”

– Mixmag 2017

For me personally, this is a milestone and I could not be happier. When we first started the revamp of this station and I took over the project, I had this list of goals that were very important to me. Most important was to have as much of the Indy as I could, be represented.

Getting “The Freaky Afronaut’s” mixes in rotation was a super important moment. (He has a feature coming to, lol… Just taking us a little longer than expected. lol.) You get the idea though. That man, like Noncompliant, is Dance Music Royalty in Indiana.

Noncompliant, aka DJ Shiva(as most second and first generation Indiana Techno Enthusiasts know her as) was a very, very big deal to me and I had almost given up. As the schedule started filling up with all these amazing artists and mixes from all over the country and world of all rebellious and fringe cultures, there was still something very big missing… like a void. It had been eating away at me for months. I really, really wanted a couple Noncompliant mixes in rotation and syndicated episodes of SUBterror Radio broadcasted weekly.

SUBterror Radio was a live show Lisa did with different guest DJs and Artists as well as a lot of her own mixing and output. The show started on 9-09-12 and went for 4 years!

“Long story short, I chased her our into the parking lot and she finally said sure…”

-Spike Heart
103.5 KLST

So I had wanted Lisa, who is a staple in Indiana Rave History, since day 1 on KLST! Since before I even had the “Content Manager” Title. That’s back when we just wanted to run a couple hours of DJ mixes a night when the early conversations started on how to revamp in the first place. Thank FUCKING Hades that we didn’t get confirmation back then. A lot of work needed to be done to this station before it was ever even close to being worthy enough to have someone of Noncompliant’s caliber name or logo put on it. To me, my vision would also never be complete unless I got her on it!

“If you like techno, and live in Indiana.. you’ve felt the impact she has made on this state, The Midwest… she’s international.. Boiler Room approved.. and throws down the sound that give people “the face”… no name comes to mind faster when you say techno,
than Lady Shiva…

-Sound Engineer

As we started pulling in more and more talent for the station, I sent out some peeps, trying to get the okay from Noncompliant to play some of her stuff. Now I’m only bringing this up because to this particular DJ, I am a nobody. Sure I watched her wreck warehouses back in the day…. Those dark and dirty warehouse parties you hear me reminisce about. She is a fucking legend. She is producing, she is playing shows in Europe and throwing a monthly techno night, Sanctuary. Needless to say, she is very busy.


Anyways… like yeah. Nothing just ever came of anything. I came to find out most people were under the impression I was just doing just some podcast and it was a joke… not realizing…


Spike Heart aka Spike Mike took the fucking reigns of an entire station and he’s trying to make it mad fresh and rep Indy as much as possible! Not to mention, went to battle to have huge chunks of content removed to make way for the amount of content he had intent to bring in.

I bring this up because, it wasn’t until I informed DJs and artists, no I am not just doing a podcast, that I was actually able to get the nod from artists and these mixes started coming.


Which brings me to me finally making it out one night and running into Lady Shiva and being able to talk to her face to face. I had not seen her in person in about a decade and a half. She was really into watching Lewper, who was playing and so I didn’t want to start talking a bunch about the station or myself. I went on about my business at the show but didn’t see Noncompliant again until she was outside, halfway across the street leaving.

“Lisa? Can I follow you and talk, it’ll only take 30 seconds…”

“Hurry!” She said, “I’m tied.”

Long story short, I chased her our into the parking lot and she said sure…


“Raised in small town Indiana on a musical diet of 80s synth pop and punk rock, Noncompliant soon found barnyard raves and warehouse techno parties and (as DJ Shiva) quickly became a fixture of the fabled 90s Midwest USA rave scene.

Two decades and a name change later, she is at the top of her techno game. Mixmag named her one of 2017’s Top 20 Breakthrough DJs. She owned a packed and sweaty Boiler Room during Movement Detroit, turned in mindblowing mixes for Slam Radio, Discwoman, and Resident Advisor, and quaked some of the world’s most respected dance floors like Smartbar Chicago, Amsterdam’s DeSchool, Concrete in Paris, and Berlin’s legendary Berghain. Her festival appearances include Unsound, Red Bull Music Festival Paris, Movement Detroit, and Whole United Queer Festival.

As a producer, her releases and remixes on labels like Valence, Argot, Flash, and Dark Entries have pounded sound systems worldwide, with her tune “Women’s Work” landing on Fiedel’s official Berghain 08 mix and on his label Fiedeltwo.

At her core, she is a die-hard techno fan with a deep love for music and a drive to continue honing her craft as a DJ and producer in order to share her favorite music with people on dance floors everywhere.”

Starting this Sunday, 103.5 KLST will start broadcasting in syndication, Noncompliant (aka DJ Shiva) SUBterror Radio Episodes at 11/Midnight – Central/Eastern Time. However, check our Broadcast Schedule because in approximately a week or 2, they will play Saturday Night’s following Graveyard Radio. Also, if you are a fan of listening to our Afterave programming, we have a couple of surprises in there as well. Thank you Lisa for all that you have done for Indiana and Underground Music as a whole. You are looked up to by ravers and partiers all over the midwest, the world, and an incredible producer, as well as a voice to the disenfranchised. That means a lot to KLST.

For more on Noncompliant and Show Dates, visit or her very impressive Resident Advisor Page.

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