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Exhausted from post Thanksgiving fatigue? Did Uncle Elmer’s angry outbursts ruin dinner? Did Aunt “Okay” Karen’s questionable casserole leave you a bit woozy? No worries! Tonight’s NapCast rotation is guaranteed to supercharge your depleted batteries with sets from Klepetz, Dyonysiz, Selekta Steel, and Easyrider!


From his Facebook Bio: Easyrider has been a key figure in Minnesota’s drum and bass scene and sounds; as underground promoter and dj of the infamous Jungle Vibe Collective, the garage music crew Stepper’s Alliance and associated label Alliance Recordings, as well as one of Minneapolis’ most longest running and successful dance music club nights, Konkrete Jungle Minneapolis. Now behind the scenes with Urban Agenda, the fortnightly urban and bass music underground standard held at legendary First Avenue nightclub, plus in front of the decks and in the studio with his latest remix of General Malice “Revelations” released on Chicago’s DNB Guild Records.

Even Furthur alum, Easyrider sent this week’s banger in for us to destroy to! I definitely feel like stomping around loudly to it as to “accidentally” wake up my slumbering prince (love you boo-boo!). I hope if you’re having a lousy Monday and want to slam around angrily or just thrash your head repeatedly you give this bad boy a listen! – Courtney Tanasovich NapCast 174

Some hard n heavy Tech Step and Neuro at work here! Check out more of his wizardry:


From his Facebook Bio: Jason Allen is a 35-year-old producer and DJ located in Indianapolis, IN, whose solo project is Dyonysiz and whose collaborative project is Renegades of Bass. A seasoned musician, Jason has been involved with making music since the age of 14. From playing and singing in punk and industrial bands as a teenager, to learning to produce and mix electronic music in his 20’s, Jason has always created some sort of music, which he sites as his therapy that has helped him through many a hard time in life. He loves feeling the energy move through the crowd when he is on stage creating music. Jason says that the influences of Trent Reznor and The Prodigy are who prompted him to start producing and mixing, respectively. As Dyonysiz he spins several different sounds, but has an affection for psychedelic and darker sounding tunes in various genres. While striving to continue to improve as a DJ and an individual, Jason enjoys spending time with his son. Jason has played festivals, flow events, and nightclubs all across the Midwest, opening for noted names such as The Kottonmouth Kings, Cyberoptics, Govinda, and DJ Dara.

You’re gonna want to go ahead and let yourself unwind to this one. Dyonysiz goes deep into the liquid pool too – digging into the darker corners and techy turns without running off into the creepier territory – and makes the most of it. Even though this starts out with a feels trip, by the end he’s gonna have you plenty warmed up, you might not even need that bourbon anymore! Also, make sure you find yourself a bear skin rug and a fire so you too can have the complete experience while listening! Big ups to Dyonysiz for this seductive new mix, and to all you beautiful monsters out there rockin’ it! – Courtney Tanasovich NapCast 180

I’m always very partial to this style of Liquid with smooth Drum Funk and Dyonysiz mixes it beautifully. Definitely check out more of his catalog:

Catch him opening for Knotice at the next NAP DNB School Night!



Another great set from Selekta Steel of the legendary M.I.A crew in Chicago.  Steel is a NAPCast veteran as well as a regular fixture on the Midwest Connections mix series.  The city of Chicago has birthed some of the greatest dnb DJs in the midwest and the underground has the established sound of jump-up drum & bass.  DJs like Danny The Wildchild and Dr. Groo helped codify jump-up into the DNA of Chicago dance music.  While the roots of jump-up run deep, the next generation of DJs have not only built upon that foundation, but have made it their own, like Steel does in this mix.

Steel manages to set himself apart with this one by not only delivering the signature Chicago jump-up style, but he brings in the ragga, hard jungle, and tearout elements that really give the mix depth.  If you’re into tracks from artists like Serum, Levela or Voltage, you’re probably going to love this one. – Hollow Point NapCast 213

A little something for all Junglists on this one! Dig it!
Affiliates: M.I.A Drum N Bass, Ripe Productions, Mid West Connections
And check out his archive of mixes:


Now this week’s NAPCast is proof that DnB truly does unite us all, and makes the world a smaller place. #283 comes to us thousands of miles across the globe, from DJ Klepetz outta Slovenia! Klepetz aka Peter Krivc is a long time DnB DJ and enthusiast, rolling with the d:light crew organizing events, and reppin’ “Keep it Rollin” radio show on Altr and Radioluna. Klepetz showcases a spectacular track selection while keeping the mixing proper and oh so air tight for this week’s cast. A flavorful blend of deep rollers, rinsed proper with liquid magic, and heavy bass… just the way we like it!  – Rin Tin NapCast 283

Some heavy tracks and smooth mixing! This is a warped journey in all the best ways possible! Look up more of Klepetz work at:

Well that covers this week’s NapCast rotation. As always, the family at KLST thanks NAP DNB for their continued support and being a champion of Drum and Bass culture in Indy and the world!

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