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Welcome to the 103.5 KLST Family Everyone. <3

So me and Ms. Anita Bass had a big feature to reveal tonight, however it did catch a snag. We do have our content and our mixes but I wanted Ms. Bass to put her own touch on it. She had unexpected obligations this yesterday evening and honestly it worked out great because we have a lot to catch up on Fam. So… let’s kick it. How about some music?

So of coarse, this is Big Wurm here. This is a mix of him I have not posted yet. It’s got a little over 13,600 plays. Very nice homie! I had no idea it was like that. Anyways, he has a crew called Looney Chunez. He also produces and makes his own stuff. Down there, from what I am told, edits are the games in Bass Music. He’s got his own thing and is very confident in his skills. I’ve downloaded him and his crews old mixes and they will be thrown into rotation along with everything else we have so far once I get a little more structuring done. He also throws his own weekly, Houston Underground. Anyways. I am talking him up because I would like people to vote for him here, so her can have a spot here. Whether he get’s a spot or not, he is going, and I’m going to make sure him and his crew get as many flyers as I can print for KLST representing all of us. That’s dope on it’s own, but I think it be even better if we could get him a slot, enabling a bigger platform. Pass it along if you are able.

So by the end of October, my biggest stress is getting structuring finished for those reason that have to do with Mr. Wurm here. Very important. That’s why we need as many of the old mixes on file as we can get from our people, so instead of rave achieve tapes and mainstream BS, it’s our peeps spinning on air, and not the ones who are living fat and already made it. Then I can focus on featuring all the exclusives I have. So I am hoping to speak with management by Monday, cause I have a plan for structuring so that is set, and I can start slipping our mixes as I get more of them. Just so we can clear up confusion about why me and Mrs. Bass are trying to collect files for old mixes. So bet… let’s check on Ms. Bass and see what she is up to.

Ms. Bass went to a little party this week. Let’s check it out.

Speaking of parties our Ms. Bass is going to, she’d really like it if you went to this one.

Damn girl! Are you fucking shitting me?

Alright, Alight, that is what’s up! What fucking year is this? Well that’s dope as fuck. Can’t wait to get some pics from that bomb diggity yo! I’m really sorry for the rave jive ya’ll! It’s just with after the 2 weeks I’ve had, can you blame me? 😉 Me and a Little Ms. Hopity Hop went and saw Soul Slingler one time. Stoked to see he’s around still doing the damn thing. Besides the obvious and just by looking at names alone, I want to know who Freaky Frank is? On name alone, that would be the guy I’d go watch. Every time I see this flyer and I read that name I am so tickled. Mrs. Bass, and we get the dish on that guy? Lol. So yeah. Dope stuff. What next?

Ms. Bass has another party she’d like ya’ll to check out. Flyer is not quite done yet but we got havoK and Queen of Chaos along with Ninja Papes supporting. Speaking of Queen of Chaos, or “The Queen” as we have been referring to her as. I’ll let you have a little peak at our feature.

So we got confirmation on Queen of Chaos for rotation and an exclusive coming at you guys soon.

You can peep that party here and I’ll that flyer the it comes out.

Let’s talk about School Night yo!

To celebrate RinTin’s Birthday, NAP DNB brought out one of their best homies from back in the day. I am going to quote RinTin’s own words from napdnb.com on his update last Monday, talking about School Night and Dave’s Mix on NAPCAST.

“This DJ/Producer has been building an encyclopedia of releases, and its currently in the middle of an incredible year, signing tracks to Metalheadz, Dispatch, and ProgRAM! No wonder we had to snag him for his Mid Summer Tour! Dave sent us a little exclusive heater for a taste of what’s in store when he comes rock the MEL on 9/10! #271 comes loaded, packed with big beats and bass bustin’ at the seams. Leaning on the heavier side, Dave Owen puts together a barrage of ferocious blends guaranteed to make you sweat on you day off!” 
So if you want to check out the latest NAPCAST from last Monday, September 2, and hear this mix, you can peep that right here.

So this week for NAP DNB we got School Night in collaboration with House of Babylon. You may of heard that the NAPCAST KLST Broadcast got moved to prime time after some convincing to management.

We got 6 hours of Drum and Bass that will repeat and run back to back starting at 7/8 P.M. Central/Eastern Time.
BY DEMAND: We added another mix to the NAPCAST PLAYLIST for Monday Night.
We are going to put Dave’s Mix on our KLST Broadcast as well!
So make that 7 hours of sick NAPCAST Drum and Bass on KLST
So let’s peep the flyer for School Night again.

Now I said I was going to put some of these other DJ’s on blast on Facebook Graveyard Radio Page, but I think they’d get seen a little more here if things keep up. Here at KLST we are trying to rep all our talent as much as possible and here is a couple favorites of mine from our supporting DJs:

2016? We got to get you an exclusive chica, let me know when you want a feature.

Now hearths.at mixes don’t embed for some reason in Word Press, but I got you fam. Check out this little dirty tech house mix here.

Yo Giz? You want a feature? We got you to homie. Just hit me up, we can get it worked out.

I will try to dig up a couple more mixes Tuesday morning and also check the Graveyard Radio Page for those!

One last bit of big news I forgot about last night. Aseity hit me up a couple mornings ago and dropped his new E.P. due out October 11th on me. So as the date gets closer, We going to have a little listening party for that. I’ll be looking forward to talking more about him in the future.

So quick recap:
~Help me and Ms. Bass get everyones mixes
~NAP DNB NAPCAST Monday Night KLST Broadcast
~School Night Tuesday Night
~Then KLST got something special planned for everyone Wednesday night starting at 7/8 P.M. Central/Easter Time that we will update ya’ll tonight on. Thank you. Have a great weekend!

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