Hector Mamajuana’s “Novela De Juana Vol. 1” is 103.5 KLST’s Mixtape of the Month for November 2019 E.V.!

November 2019 E.V.

It’s everyone’s favorite Juana!

“Dubplate slinging, Reggaeton Mashup doing, flag waving, wrestling belt having, Native New Yorker being, and Drum and Bass DJ!”

Hector Mamajuana

“Novela De Juana”

It was a hard decision this month to make. I have a lot of content and some really fantastic stuff to show off. It took awhile for it to dawn on me, but of all the mixes I have heard the last month thinking about this feature, this one deserves all the attention. DJ Hector Mamajuana is as real as you can get when it comes to being a jungliest. Not only that, he uses music to get through life and give back to his community and “Novela De Juana Vol. 1” is his masterpiece and autobiographical story he spent 3 years putting together.

Flash ya lightah!
Peep the caption under the cover art
to get some inside on this mix
from Hector’s own words.
“This has been a mix I’ve been working on for about 3 years. A live mashup mix done on 4 XDJ 1000 MK2s of Liquid DNB and Reggaeton and Musica Urbana to tell a story of my love life in the past recent years. Love, loss, acceptance, confusion and betrayal and moving on. This is my story, this is my saga and this is the only way I know how to tell it.”

“Novela De Juana Vol.1”
was mastered

Most of the vocals in the mix are in Spanish. I don’t know Spanish. However, the vibe the music gives my soul, I am totally able to feel the story unfold the artist is portraying. Not to mention, 3 years is a long ass time to spend working on just 1 mix! Just another example of a reoccurring theme

Hector Mamajuana is
1/2 of

“Big Juana is what’s new for your ears, mama! NYC’s newest DJ tag team is Big Ears and Mamajuana, this Ragga drum and bass/ jungle duo drops dub plates!”
NYC Junglist Duo
“Big Juana”

They recently just had a
huge support gig opening up for
Chase and Status to a packed venue

November 1st 2019
Kings Hall

Put out some ink
on the event.

See what they
had to say about

“Big Juana, especially, are a favorite among New York Junglists. The group is a partnership between Josh Big Ears and Hector Mamajuana, or as he markets himself, Your Favorite Juana. Individually they are excellent Jungle DJs, when they join forces they bring the roughest toughest tunage and are known to drop dubplates with voice overs from some of the scene’s biggest artists. They have been on BP²’s rotation for years and shall be for many many more.”


Novela De Juana Vol.1was recently recently. KLST presents this “Mixtape of The Month of November 2019 Feature”

Last but not least,
peep the flyer
Hector Mamajuana’s
next gig!

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