DJ FATE Drops Mini-Mix of “GROOVE” E.P. for RadioKallisti Release Special – 11-21-19 E.V. 6 P.M.


Just a real quick one guys! You know I had to rep one of Indy’s Top Home Girls for Releasing a new EP on Friday YO! Little pop-up radio show for her and to give her some props. It’s all about DJ Fate on this one CAUSE SHE JUST DROPPED A NEW EP UP IN THIS PIECE!

1. Southern Sucker
2. Redux
3. Castor and Pollux
4. Summer Groove

NOVEMBER 22, 2019


My friendship with Ms. Fate sort of started during the Therapy Day’s. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my features, talking about attitudes and style. If you have not been following along I have very high opinions of Ms. Fate here. I talked about her on my “RE:cap – RE:heat” Podcast Specials. Then when she gave KLST the opportunity to debut her Official Techno Mix, “LIVE-WIRE” on AIR and do that feature, I jumped at it. DJ Fate has the perfect balance of style, personality, attitude behind the decks.

I’ve also been on a roll about looking for the “PUNK ROCKERS” of the DJ underground world for KLST. With her no BS and get down to the business on the wheels of steel, to her giving back to her community when she get the opportunity, KLST puts “Punk as Fuck” label on DJ Fate. She is also one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Needless to say, when I saw Fate had an EP coming out, I wanted to get the scoop and do a little thing.

So check it! When I approached Ms. Fate it was not no thing. Fact, she graciously offered to make a Mini-Mix out of the “Groove” EP and kick it to RadioKallisti.


Everyone at the station knew about it immediately and knew I was very happy about it and I was glad I got the heads up and didn’t miss the chance to throw it on this hype machine.

So the mix runs approximately 16 minutes long and the songs from this EP lives up to it’s name-sake. I listened to this mixed version of her EP 3 times! Bobbing my head the whole time! Fate used bombastic kick-drums starting out, minimalistic and very catchy vocal samples, spaced out and groovy bass lines! I immediately came reminiscent of Green Velvet’s awesome blend of techno, funk, and house without being over techie. Track 2, “Redux” follows suit. Track 3 “Castor and Pollox” really stands out as a straight heater because at this point I really wanted to get up and dance but everyone was asleep. So far I am loving these hi-hats and synths that are precision in the mix down. I’m thinking to myself… I’m can’t believe how hard this shit slaps! The 4th track, “Summer Groove” takes it down just a notch giving you just a little room to breath, but not really letting up. When it was over, I was definitely wanting some more of that. Everything on this EP is clean, balanced, groovy, a little sweet, and a little edgy.

All the things I love about DJ Fate as a DJ and Artist.
Bravo Girl!

So the way our EP release special we are doing for Ms. Fate is going to work is; 6 P.M. EST we are going to play the Mini-Mix of the “Groove” EP Mixed by DJ Fate. Then we’ll play a DJ Fate Mix already in our rotation, followed by the Mini-Mix EP again- DJ Fate Mix -“Groove” Mini-Mix. Until 3 DJ rotation mixes have been played and the “Groove” EP Mini-Mix has been played 3 times so everyone has a chance to catch it before her EP is released the next day.

I will also be throwing the Mini-Mix onto RadioKallisti Saturday Feature as well. Probably once or twice between sets. Let me tell you something.

DJ Fate’s Catalog
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“GROOVE” EP will be available on ALL PLATFORMS November 22nd 2019 E.V.
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