RadioKallisti w/ Funk You Inc + Bass Femme Fatale KAR POW is confirmed for rotation! + Phobik 11-16-2019 E.V. 6 PM EST

First of all, I KLST would like to thank DJ 27 for corresponding with Funk You, Inc. this week. As I make my adjustment back into normal work life, the KLST family is pulling together so we can maintain the quality of our feature as we continue to grow and reach out to people and see our vision come to life from coast to coast on one of the fastest growing underground music internet stations around.

We are currently looking for people to help with social media duties. Not only will this bring more traffic, promote station DJs, and the station itself, it will also free up time for our staff to be able to reach out to more DJs waiting on confirmations. Member will gain access to one of the KLST Green Rooms, get to know staff, and not only help with promotion, but some may even be able to move up the ranks to staff writers and feature writers, hunting down music and mixes for your own shows.

Thank you all for you continued support.



KAR POW is now
the 3rd Femme Fatale of
BASS MUSIC to join
the ranks of KLST rotation next to Snaxxx
and DUPPY, the fam
could not be happier in our
confirmations of these female
underground DJs and
bass artists!

It only took me a passing glance at Kar Pow to see she was not for the faint of heart and that’s what KLST is all about. KLST is all about attitude. We work hard, we play hard. Our mentality is punk through and through. Around our circles we have 3 words we live by… #bloodsweatandtears That is our mission statement and I got that vibe when I first saw Karlie here.

I came across a live feed Facebook video of KAR POW throwing down, I thought about legend like Iggy Pop and how they can be a little foolish in their opinions of electronic music. Punk is about attitude and here at KLST, we like our electronic music to have attitude. We want our DJs to represent that. At a glance, no question I’m was going to check out this chick’s Soundcloud page.

What you get is bass music that is calculated to where the attitude and aggression creeps up. KAR POW plays the spectrum of it and she plays it all well. Trap, Dubstep, Bass House, and even some drum and bass tunes sprinkle here and there, it’s a balance of smooth aggression. Before you know it, you’ve listened to all these mixes and you want more!

So now I sit here a month later typing up this feature, it absolutely thrills me to have the official word of approval to confirm Ms. Karlie for rotation and have her mixes featured on RadioKallisti this Saturday. Peep her Official BIO below.

“LET’S PARTY! WWW.KAR-POW.COMKAR POW serves up in-your-face party music with a bad bitch mentality.
This triple-threat DJ/producer/rapper’s work hard play hard attitude, expert mixing skills,
and high-energy, genre-defying shows make her a force to be reckoned with.
She thrives off surprising the crowd, dropping everything from deep, dark, warehouse-ready techno to angsty SoundCloud rap.
KAR POW is making a name for herself, blowing up on stages across the midwest — and she’s only just getting started.

Follow KAR POW
on Facebook

KAR POW has a some pretty solid supporting gigs coming up through the holidays.


As I was working on this feature, I had a chance meeting with Phobik. I was not searching out for new mixes, but when he offered to throw me one and I knew he was on an upcoming show KLST has been promoting for both Aseity and Danny the Wildchild, I said, Hell yeah we’ll take a mix! So that how we got Phobik thrown into this weeks RadioKallisti Feature.

Funk You, Inc


“Tonight we have a 3 hour Deep n Heavy House odyssey covering several varieties of those soulful, deep, “after hours” vibes reminiscent of the old 3 AM Chicago loft after parties brought to you by Jake Brown!”

Jake Brown is a DJ’s DJ with the way he effortlessly flows between tracks, blending forward thinking selections with classic sounds to create a sound that’s hard to beat. Jake has been a staple in the Midwest scene for years and continues to be Funk You, Inc’s go-to guy when talent comes to town, as he’s warmed the crowd up for numerous headliners and held his own as the main attraction for countless shows. 


It’s time to welcome some of our favorite people to 1601,
Banana Camp!

DJ TUTT – Chicago
*Banana Camp / Pierce Event Productions

Jake Brown – Fort Wayne

Shaun Russell – Toledo

Thomas K b2b Tip the Velvet – SB / FtW
*Funk You, Inc

21+ w/ID


” Tune in again next Saturday as we deliver you more pulsing soul from the family of Funk You Inc….”

Again, Thank You 27 for your correspondence with Funk You, Inc.

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