NAP DNB – NAPCAST – 103.5 KLST Broadcast – November 11th 2019 E.V. – 8:00 PM EST

A new week with some explosive sets for Monday night’s rotation! To help get you prepped for Tuesday’s NAP DNB “School Night” event, we feature Paranoid Inc., F.A.R.G.L.E., Parallel, and B2B Gizzmo & Carnie live from the Mayhem benefit!


The dynamic duo of Phsyko Lojik and i:Machine. Both founding members of NAP DNB come together as the collaboration known as Paranoid Inc. Catch both playing independently Tuesday! Tonight, they deliver us what Rin Tin described best as:

Starts off like a crisp, calming autumn breeze, brings your into an intricate weaving of smooth layers of lush juke-y and half-time goodness before rounding you out with some solid drum and bass to the finish line. Described by the fellas as “a digital crate diggin’ sesh to see what blends”

NapCast #229


It would be a shame not to include another set from the headliner for this Tuesday. The one and only Parallel again delivering us a dark and ominous, deep yet heavy set. Combing through a variety of rhythmic structures. Dig!!!

NapCast #29


Hailing from Ohio, F.A.R.G.L.E. brings us a Neuro Funk jam, hard and heavy! A definite treat of sculptural tech step blended into a refined web of controlled chaos . From his Facebook Bio:

Bread a Drummer…. Evolved a Savant Drum and Bass DJ & Producer…!
F.A.R.G.L.E. – …aka… – “F.requencies A.bove R.ecommended G.ain L.imit E.xpected”…. I bought my first set of turntables in 2007, and have been mixing Drum and Bass Vinyl since. At that time, I had absolutely no interest in pursuing the oncoming wave of digital DJing. It didn’t feel “right” to me. It wasn’t until 2015, did I decide to dabble in the digital realm. And, Little did I know… it was exactly what I needed to fine-tune my experiences of mixing! Carefully choosing my collection of vinyl, and loosely enabling a tiered concept to
my choices in digital formatted Tunage, has enabled me to keep a firm grip on a unique style between the two.
Full Sail Graduate of Audio Production, studying up on countless tracks and mixes. I am always learning how to better my ability to deliver quality Tunage!
In all, my dream is to be known for the music I make and good vibes they bring! I love my advisors, fans, and supporters, I would not be here with out them! Thank You Everyone!

NapCast # 190

Gizzmo and Carnie B2B

Like I said in a Facebook post earlier in the week, it’s tremendous to see the industry come together as a family and support one of their own and a good cause. Tonight’s final set in the NAP DNB rotation features veterans Gizzmo and Carnie live from the Mayhem ‘fuck cancer’ benefit show. These two DJs reflect the soul and energy of not just the night itself, but the power of this music as a whole. Buckle in for this robust live experience!

NapCast #230

Well that about wraps up this week’s NAP DNB feature. Please DON’T FORGET TUESDAY, INDIANAPOLIS:

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