NAP DNB – NAPCAST – 103.5 KLST Broadcast – November 4th 2019 E.V. – 8:00 PM EST

It’s Monday again! I hope everyone’s at least mostly recovered from their Halloween weekend because we have an assault on the senses prepared for you via NAP DNB! NapCasts featuring Manic, Arietta, UV, and Rin Tin!


Mulit- decade veteran, founding member of NAP DNB, and now affiliated with Different DrumZ out of South London as well, Manic delivers us a heavy and deep set with some fantastic mixing and Liquid DnB selections. This set is full of deep funk, dig it! A treasure for all ears!
NapCast #58


DNB Radio – DNB Girls – Collective Intelligence – Middlemen DigitalDj and Producer Arietta is known to provide infectious broken beat dance grooves with an uplifting presence, but never afraid to go too deep into her emotive musical selections. Her 15 years of classical/jazz training as a multi-instrumentalist and composer presently translates into sets where she infuses a sense musicality and ethereal atmosphere, to tell a story showcasing a deep understanding of the sonic terrain that is Drum and Bass and Breaks music.

Her eclectic take on bass music rooted early on. She got her first set of turntables at 16, and by the time she was 18 she held a club residency in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ. From then on she was a frequent Drum and Bass performer in the Southwest US underground. After a brief hiatus to focus on electroacoustic art installation and ethnomusicology, in 2014 she launched a breakbeat duo project, eventually reverting her primary focus back to solo performance in early 2016.

Though she loves playing in nightclubs and at festivals, her passion for music goes beyond the spectrum of technical mixing and stylistic production. She’s the founder of the national artist collective and platform, formerly known as ANIMA, and has shown her commitment to building social/political awareness through her various electronic music projects.

Currently based in Boston, MA, Arietta remains active in live performance in scenes across the country, and is the host of BASS Movement, a weekly, worldwide, radio show on Most recently, Arietta has independently released singles and provided remix support through Middlemen Digital and Anima Recordings. In writing she’s been featured on BEST Drum and Bass,, EDM Identity, Relentless Beats, and Life Support Machine amongst other national and international blogs. She’s hard at work on her first solo Drum and Bass EP guaranteed to show her passion and purpose through sound. – FB Bio – Napcast #189


M.I.A – Chicago hit man and Tribe performer, Dave UV. If you’re in the mood for some wicked heavy jump-up, UV is your guy! Definitely representing that upper Midwest hardcore mentality when it comes to drum and bass, but that’s what makes the dance world go round! – NAP DNB An over charge to the neurons in between tonight’s liquid journeys!… NapCast #162


Last and far from very least, Rin Tin’s NapCast submission from last week! Rin Tin found his way to Indy via Chicago. And like many of us, discovered DNB via House, Hard House, and Techno. A lead writer for NAP DNB as well, Jim 100% represents the soul of Drum and Bass. Rin Tin commands the heavy liquid soul to move your feet and soothe the mind…. NapCast #279

and DON’T FORGET!!!! November 12th:

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