The Pantry Vol. 2 by SNAXXX is: ‘Mixtape of the Month’ October 2019 E.V.

One of the most anticipated bass music mixes to drop in the midwest underground is finally upon us as of a couple hours ago. As of 3:30 A.M. EST, it has already hit 42 plays on a Thursday night! I’ve been anticipating a new mix for weeks, so needless to say, I was all over it.

Side-note and clarification for our DJ in our upcoming “Bass Showcase” and our listenership:
We have had so many issues with Eris and the server, it has made the last couple days chaos. Unfortunately I had to keep pushing our Bass Showcase back further and further with life, family, and personal obligations. Unfortunately Eris is down indefinitely. Fingers crossed it’s only a week or 2. Until I dedicated my computer to hold the station, it didn’t even look like a bass showcase was gong to happen as of day before yesterday. We wanted to debut “The Pantry Vol. 2” as the main feature to be part of “The Bass Showcase” and had been advertised as such for several weeks now. On Facebook, Instagram, and a small mention on our website somewhere I’m sure, however, It’s understandable that DJs have obligations too. I hate to mention it, but it’s only to let the lovely Snaxxx know, KLST holds no hard feelings towards her and her decision to get her content to her fans sooner than later upon further delays. I feel it’s partly my fault for having pushed the showcase back so far over the weeks and I felt it necessary to clarify or clear up any confusion with our listenership that was expecting to hear the mix for the first time on RadioKallisti as well as our other DJs and content providers that made exclusives to go with the feature. KLST fully supports Snaxxx as a DJ and an enterprise and is proud to have her mixes in rotation and being able to play this bad boy during our bass showcase make us happy as pigs in mud. <3

When the House of Eris decided they was going to do the “Mixtape of the Month” feature, it was no question Jin-XS, Roots Vol. 2 was the perfect candidate. House of Eris knows in this saturated market of DJs and even producers, things are more than just being able to be a bomb DJ unfortunately. Every artist needs something a little extra to make them stick out from the crowd. I am just being truthful, that’s the industry we are ALL trying to be successful in and those are the DJ’s that raise the eyebrows of House of Eris, promoters, booking agents, etc. That was the case with Jin-XS and that is the case with Snaxxx. We ARE an all inclusive station and will play any DJ that submits a mix, that well… doesn’t suck. House of Eris though, loves talent that is the whole package. image, stage presence, personality, and MOST of all, humble about having all these attributes. It’s the whole nine yards we say. I’m confident in saying Snaxxx is well on her way there. She gets that production game under her belt, 100%, 9 Yards, in full effect!

Various members of the House of Eris, encourage all artists and DJs to push the lines and take the extra mile when it comes to presenting themselves. We want every DJ to become successful with KLST and so on. Something to keep in mind since promoting DJs is kind of our thing and what we are here to do. We will help you as much as we can.

Snaxxx has a local residency at a weekly BASS Night in Indy know as
Wubsday at The Patron Saint

Snaxxx’s official bio is very short and to the point:
“Aspiring heavy dubstep DJ looking to make music and melt your face”

So this bares repeating, as far as DJing, Snaxxx is way beyond aspiring. It stands out like a sore thumb in her impressive line of festival booking and following on social media. Also: a residency, almost selling out all her merch in less than a week! You can also see on her social media that her fans adore her and she gives her appreciation back to them 100% That goes a long way in today’s day and age of music snobbery, elitism, and the general influence of bad vibes that linger around certain scenes.

Snaxxx, A pretty occurring supporting talent at Altered Thurzdaze and The Mousetrap, (Like Jin-XS) just had one a pretty cool supporting slot for HEKLER!

So that’s all cool, what about the new mix? “The Pantry Vol. 2” is hard hitting as fuck! 2 listens now and I can feel the convulsing bass face that was being made as this thing was mixed. We have a lot of dope, up and coming artist’s in our upcoming “Bass Showcase” -however, as far has “hard hitting” goes, she is clearly in the running as one of the only DJs holding a candle to my man, Big Wurm when it comes to straight aggression on the decks, which is what I prefer in a bass artist. It punches, classic dubstep and bass liners that everyone loves, high energy, and totally relentless on the senses to say the least. If it was Snaxxx’s goal to melt faces, she will accomplish it with this long awaited follow-up to her first installment.

It’s definitely a banger and it will definitely get some rotation here at KLST!

One last thing, Snaxxx has a big show coming up, all the way in Arizona! Defiantly a ways from the pond. Congratulations SNAXXX!

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