NAP DNB And their guest DJs Featured on NAPCAST Find a New Territory to Expand and Represent @ 103.5 KLST

Roots of Drum and Bass in Indianapolis run deep. Just taking a few minutes reading RinTin’s update on Monday @ will tell you that. I don’t have a dog in this race at all, but I’m here to tell you, it’s no bullshit. I have witnessed the amount of hard work these artists put into what they love. These guys take their craft very seriously. They have stayed consistently putting out fresh mixes and content for years now. Not to mention, most of them have well over 2 decades in the concrete jungle of Naptown, being involved with throwing show’s that has brought world class Drum and Bass to a hole in the wall, punk rock, dive bar for at least a decade and a half, that I know of. That said, I don’t need to name drop. Just goto the website and read up when you get a chance. Let’s continue…

Now, I need to go off the rails a little as I sit here, listening to DJ Odi of NYC, I feel fucking euphoric! From day one, when I decided I was going to attempt to bring underground dance to KLST’s rotation, there is no way I could have fully represented properly without being able to put NAP DNB and their NAPCAST that brings artists and DJs from all over the country and the world on it. It was my priority to get them here first. I think I drove Laura and Jim crazy and I didn’t expect it to happen. So that said, NAP DNB is going to have it’s own night on 103.5 KLST Programing. Every Monday Night from 8 P.M. to 2 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, we are going to be banging out some of our favorite NAPCAST’s and put NAP DNB and the amazing artists that have contributed to NAPCAST on blast. Also, for you late nighters, we will be immediately encoring our presentation follow the first.

So without any further gilding of the lilly, this weeks NAPCAST 271 by next weeks School Night Headliner:
Dave Owen

As RinTin put it himself on his update Monday:
“This DJ/Producer has been building an encyclopedia of releases, and its currently in the middle of an incredible year, signing tracks to Metalheadz, Dispatch, and ProgRAM! No wonder we had to snag him for his Mid Summer Tour! Dave sent us a little exclusive heater for a taste of what’s in store when he comes rock the MEL on 9/10! #271 comes loaded, packed with big beats and bass bustin’ at the seams. Leaning on the heavier side, Dave Owen puts together a barrage of ferocious blends guaranteed to make you sweat on you day off!”

And our flyer for School Night
Presented by: NAP DNB and House of Babylon

Just a quick Note: Those not from Indy should be aware, House of Babylon’s roots goes about as deep as it gets in being one of the originals in Indy’s dance scene. Be aware, this is sacred ground.

RinTin is celebrating his birthday at the next installment of School Night. This is important because RinTin asked for our scheduled NAP DNB block next week to play one of his own NAPCAST mixes that is a personal favorite of his.

So first 1st NAP DNB’s NAPCAST Broadcast on 103.5 KLST will include the following:
*Update: Dave Owen
Along with support from these NAPCAST contributors.

And that is our September 9th Monday Night Line-Up Ya’ll! Don’t worry, we won’t have much talking on this, I’m gonna record some new drops for the station to go in between mixes. Those waiting to tune in can drop by and follow the KLST Facebook pages to get links to some of the artists mixes over the next week as well as the supporting DJ’s at School Night while I hype this up.

Happy Birthday RinTin!

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