Anita Bass LLC’s Drum and Bass Show at 8 PM EST for October 9th 2019 E.V.

Time’s are crazy, right? I’d like to side-step for a moment and talk about how much myself and Ms. Bass appreciate all the positive feedback about KLST. This station has been making the daily grind of our lives avery chaotic. <— irony
We like it though. It’s a thrill to get a new mix. It’s a thrill to have a deadline to be held up to. It’s more of a thrill to receive a mix a DJ mix that no-one else has heard yet. For maybe a week, sometime longer, sometimes shorter, that is “our” mix. We “own” it and we cherish it. Every mix is a special gift to our family here at KLST. However, their is just something exhilarating about know as those beats blast through our headsets as we work, go for walks, do chores around the house, etc, knowing these mixes were made with love for our KLST family. With great power comes great responsibility though, so now it’s time to get to work. Check out our line-up for this Wednesday night at 8 P.M. EST
We got 3 mixes with 2 being exclusives. It’s going to be another satisfying night of Drum and Bass on 103.5 KLST

FLUXKAPACITOR (103.5 KLST Exclusive Mix)

“Scott Walling is a MidWest DJ spinning under the FluxKapacitor moniker since 2005. Currently a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, Scott’s origins and childhood come from Big Bear Lake, California, where he grew up with a plethora of self-directed musical influences.

Following graduation from Grateful Dead University and his transplanting to the central states, he began spinning in 2005 a variety of genres and styles. Over the years he transitioned from vinyl to controllers to eventually his own top of the line Pioneer CDJ gear, eschewing the record bag and CD cases for an eclectic horde of multi-genre digital gods packed on massive thumb drives. Flux prides himself with being able to not only straddle, but shape-shift among many music styles both between and during shows. If it’s a tie dye crowd, then the JamHouse flows. If the doorbell for House gets rung, he can answer it with his eyes closed. If the BPM needs cranked up, then the PsyTrance experience envelopes the crowds.

In addition to traveling all over the Midwest for any chance to share his art, he has also produced original FluxKapacitor tracks since 2013. A dedicated performer, he is often the last man standing at fests and gigs. While tasty killer House is his cornerstone favorite, FluxKapacitor is booked regularly in the PsyTrance, Trance, Electro House, Tech House, Progressive, DnB and Deep Bass House genres. When not gigging, Scott often pops up impromptu spins both publicly and in his own residence, and can often be seen streaming and getting hour-long internet radio slots. Recent career moves include a brand new partnership in FLUX Productions with multi-state collaborators, which will bring full time original video projection to future shows from VJ Kosmik Ray, and digital promotions from multi-platform guru Mr. Klix.

Flux’s music can be found at Soundcloud

The FluxKapacitor name comes from the original “Back To The Future” film, and is the small electrically responsive high energy invention that allows time travel. That key part in the stainless steel and gull wing DeLorean car, is occasionally available online at O’Reillys Auto Parts. Always available online, FluxKapacitor’s music is similarly electronically interactive, and also successfully shifts time for his listeners while moving them at various speeds.”


Here is a classy dnb mix from Furious, with some Lenzman and Saxxon in there for some of the favorites. Furious is playing tomorrow night, OCTOBER 10 in Massachusetts, Dillinja (Valve Recordings -UK) & Furious at elements | 19+ Public · Hosted by elements and The Phoenix Landing

FURIOUS aka FDOT, Co-founder of the forthcoming imprint, DECLASSIFIED AUDIO. Formerly of the DJ/Production outfit, The STATESMEN. He defends Drum & Bass with steadfast diligence! Look for future tracks, mixes and releases here!

FDOT (Region: North East – Chapter: Boston) The name FDOT is synonymous with dedication to Drum & Bass. As a co-founder and former member of the now defunct outfit, The Statesmen, FDOT made dancefloors across the Northeast sweat with seamless precision since 2007. As a new member of the stateside collective, M.I.A., the next level is on the horizon. In 2014, his direction takes a multi-faceted approach, both in the studio and in the booth. The many forms of contemporary D&B are explored with attention to transition and narrative, while conveying a forward-moving dance vibe. FDOT holds true to the defense of proper Drum & Bass.

This mix is out on Mix-Ins from Furious

Three years ago, we had one of the strongest Mix-Ins since starting this project, featuring the Boston drum and bass icon, Furious. It received so much love then and continues to be one of the most listened to mixes week after week. It will always be one of our favorites, and we are now thrilled to host a followup mix that we expect everyone will love just as much. Thank you kindly oh Furious One!
Indica Cruise has all the proper makings of the best road trip you’ll be taking, the soundtrack for the outing you’ve been planning, and hints at the stylings of some lovers rock you’ll need and want for this Valentines Day and beyond. We can’t help but to point out that for something so smooth, engaging and thoughtful it packs so much punch. Kicks in furiously. Just like we knew it would.

Thanks for listening Mad Love from the Mix-Ins team. Enjoy

ALIENN GONZALES (103.5 KLST Exclusive Mix)

Over the span of 23 years, as a member of rank in the Temple of Hip Hop and hiphopnation, Alien Gonzales (AKA Vin Mercy) has distinguished himself from his DJ contemporaries through his unusual, busy and ever-evolving style of mixing, chopping, fading, knob-tweaking and strange bedfellow track selection. As such experimentation is considered left-of-center and unconventional, it is recognizable and discernible as his signature to the learned ear, what then follows….is fire. While he has made the most notable waves in his DJ work, Alien has quietly and steadily contributed plenty to the culture through ghostwriting, producing tracks, sound banks and samples, emceeing, vocal instrumentalism, voiceover work, etc. and overall pushing forward the cultures of jungle/drum&bass with Hip Hop at the root.

Listen to this exclusive drum and bass mix from Alien Gonzales, then see him LIVE in Cleveland at the end of October at the Fresh Air Resources drum and bass monthly, habitat, on October 25th, representing Fame Records, HIPHOPNATION, TEMPLEOFHIPHOP, ANITABASS LLC, EUPHORIX PROFUNK, NEW ASCENSION, bassick collective, Vision Entertainment Group, 4RILLAREC Roswell, Church of Drum & Bass,, Collective Intelligence.

Check out Alien Gonzales on #SoundCloud

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