Another Fire Drum and Bass Night by Anita Bass LLC on Wed. September 18th, 2019


Ms. Bass brought another 3 heaters to KLST, she also used her gift of gab and insight to write her own bios on all her DJ’s. Also we’d like to add we are getting 2 doses of emplate and Secret Sauce this week if you are tuning into the NAPCAST 103.5 KLST Broadcast tonight (9-16-19). It’s currently 6 A.M. and I have to be up in 4 hours. I work way earlier then I thought today and I spent some time coming up with fresh liners. So, short and sweet on my part. Much love to our contributing DJ’s and Anita Bass LLC.

First things first, 2 of our 3 DJ’s featured this week have this big show popping off towards the end of the month. Giving support to HAVOK! Dope stuff. Always wonderful to see “The Queen” will also be on the wheels of steal. I’m sure Ms. Bass will have the bomb diggy photos for us. Very cool.
“For the last 20 years as a Drum & Bass DJ and promoter, Secret Sauce has hosted weeklies, monthlies, and co-lab one offs for the love of the music and culture. A slick use of futuristic beats, booming bass and milky melodies set Sauce apart from the rest. From classic to unreleased tunes and everything in between, A Cleveland native, Secret Sauce is more than apt to blend moods and textures seamlessly into a tesselation of dancefloor heaven. Secret Sauce has played alongside the biggest names in the business: Bailey, Lenzman, Doc Scott, Submorphics, Stunna, Micky Finn, Frankie Bones, Random Movement, DJ Craze, Dieselboy, Roni Size + MC Dynamite, Rusko, Dave Owen, Om Unit, Logistics, Mathematics, DJ Flight, Paradox, Seba, and Klute. Listen to this exclusive new dnb set, which is a throwdown of some dope tracks, including What Now? by Total Science & War. Come see the Secret Sauce in
 Cleveland, Ohio 2 weekends in a row. Friday, September 27th, is the Fresh Air Resources monthly, habitat, at Touch Supper Club, then he is playing again at the Sphere Presents Legends Series with the legendary LTJ Bukem on October 4th.”
Another dope supporting gig by our man, Secret Sauce, KLST is so stoked to present this exclusive mix.

Ms. Bass was stoked on this mix, not had a chance to check it out, but I plan on being tuned in Wednesday for sureA

“Ninja Papes is a Pittsburgh-based drum and bass and UK Garage DJ. He employs lots of hip hop and jazz influences in his selections. He is a resident at 2 Step Tuesdays in Pittsburgh, every Tuesday night at Tiki Lounge. Ninja Papes is also one of the hosts of the Pittsburgh dnb monthly every 3rd Wednesday. Penumbra, along with Native Impulse, the 412 Boss Crew. Ninja Papes will be in Cleveland for the habitat dnb monthly on September 27th.”

Last but not least and becoming a DJ I’ve had in my regular rotation, along with my homeboy Alienn since I been working this new gig at KLST putting my efforts into this station…

“emplate, coming with his second exclusive mix for the show, is one of the dnb masters in Cleveland to listen to all of the time. For over a decade, he has been known for his diverse selection of up to date releases and promos, as well as unreleased tracks. He is always bringing the interweaved sets, depending on the crowd and their vibes for the music. The Astrogator show has emplate running it every Wednesday night on Listen to this exclusive mix with some EWOL mixed in, as well as Anglo Saxxon VIP, which is great Jayline track out on Liondub International.”

Ms. Bass really knows her stuff ya’ll. Thanks for the down low yo! Catch you guys tonight and Wednesday!

Saturday Night Hype! Vol.1 | September 14th 2019 E.V.

I got maybe 45 minutes to bang this out, so hear we go. It’s last minute. There is going to be a new Graveyard Radio Episode on Saturday September 14th at 8 Eastern Standard Time with an encore to immediately follow. Lets check out what we got going on.

Already listened to it, so dope. Ol’ boy brings it. So proud to have Mr. Komrade Jay of the 412 Crew as a member of the KLST family! Thanks for the shout outs homie!
“A true Junglist Soldier standing with his fist held high”

Next we have a special track from Big Wurm to debut, “Pop Locking” I have it on the server right now and it’s from his crew’s Looney Chunez E.P. they are getting ready to drop. Looney Chunez is after 1000 followers on SoundCloud before they will release it. Right now they stand at 980 followers. Give them a follow so they will set havoc on the earth with this bad boy. Of coarse I can’t mention Big Wurm without asking for that vote for his Freak Deaky Mix! DO IT!

Big Wurm and his crew are taking Texas’s Bass Scene by storm. Excited to hear all of this. Listen to Wurm’s exclusive track here for the first time ever!

Last but not least, this is a little tease for next Thursday’s Show, So I am not going to say to much about him here. I will say Hard Mike has a residency at Castle Chicago and another one at Sound-Bar Chicago. We are going to play one of his latest mixes. I have my hands on his KLST Exclusive, listened to it on the way to work today and it’s straight flavored fresh as fuck yo! So I figured I’d rush him on the air so we can hear a little piece sooner than later.

So that’s it. Going to be a dope ass Episode of Graveyard Radio. An exclusive, a debut, and a taste of what is to come. Thanks for reading. I’ll catch ya’ll later!

103.5 KLST Weekly Update September 13th, 2019 E.V.

103.5 KLST – Anita Bass LLC -Graveyard Radio- NAP DNB
Universal Vibe – Indy EDM Blog – For The Musiq – Looney Chunez
Where the Underground is Mobilizing

Been a crazy week, lot’s of confirmations, lots of exclusives. Had a few more since the midweek update. Let’s get started.

Super stoked about this one. I planned on keeping Morning Metal a thing, along with having heavy block of Goth/Industrial/EBM/Punk/Post-Punk/New Wave/Dark Wave etc. etc. content through the late afternoon. (Think pissed off Gen-X White Collar Goths stuck in rush hour traffic.) So I have been on the lookout for DJ’s of the such to help me fill those blocks with the content I have. I am proud to announce DJ Kaleidoscope has been confirmed for 2 exclusive mixes for October. Kaleidoscope is obviously very busy but I don’t mind the wait. This will be a perfect feature for a Halloween Special. Maybe I’ll finally get Joy Killer II out. Kaleidoscope will make a great addition to KLST rotation.

“Izzy of Sangoma Records is a New York City raised Psychedelic Trance DJ. After getting behind the decks in 2010, he quickly established a name for himself throughout the underground of NYC. His best known accomplishments outside of rocking dance-floors throughout the East Coast, Europe, Israel and other random shindigs in the US, were putting together top-chart hitting compilations, supporting some of the biggest acts in the global psytrance scene, and organizing a few squats of his own. His fluency with all kinds of psychedelic electronic music keeps his reputation described in one word: Versatility. With a strong lust for keeping his crowd of neo hippies in constant suspense, his wild stage presence and spontaneous track selection remain dominant. He has two rules: no cheese and no plans.”

Izzy here is no amateur. After listening to a couple mixes and a phone call, I was more than happy to have Izzy on board at the KLST family. Izzy has been confirmed for rotation and is currently working on a KLST exclusive. What till you hear this house mix he did I got my hands on!

“DJ since 2008. MicroMachine spun damn near anything and enjoys doing so immensely. Music is more than a hobby, it is a full-blown obsession.
MicroMachine started out spinning goth and industrial and quickly found herself branching out into more and more EDM and other assorted music. Electro house, top 40, dubstep, hip hop, drum & bass / jungle, 80’s, and more. She has a wide appreciation for all kinds of music outside these areas as well and it seems to grow every day.
She has played at numerous clubs / bars, festivals, house parties, raves, and even does the odd wedding reception or birthday party. MicroMachine just enjoys being a part of DJ culture and takes every opportunity to expand her skills and increase her audience.

You will get your first chance to hear MicroMachine’s skills when she makes her debut on KLST during this Monday Night’s NAP DNB NAPCAST 103.5 KLST Broadcast. MicroMachine has been confirmed for rotation and KLST is currently on stand by for package.

“Born and raised in Terre Haute Indiana, John developed an appreciation for industrial and techno music as a teenager. At the age of 19, he bought his first mixer and a turntable and was hooked. Going to parties to train spot DJs, getting a formal education in the art of spinning. After ten years of gigs and vinyl hunting, the glitchy minimal movement of 2005 grew tiresome after the warehouse flavored banging techno of the 90s/early 00’s, and he retired. In 2018, John was tapped to play a benefit party, and fell in love all over again. Now he plays on digital decks, bringing bouncey minimal to hard acid techno to the masses.”

You will have you chance to bring acid and minimal to the masses alight, Jscott has been confirmed for KLST rotation.

Let’s take a look at the line-up for this Monday’s NAP DNB NAPCAST 103.5 KLST Broadcast.
Secret Sauce
Antik One

That’s going to be a bangin’ night, but that kind of goes without saying. 6 hours of NAPCAST’s drum and bass in your face! That’s a wrap for this update. We got a lot unrolling, so stay tuned. I still got a lot to work on. Keep that internet dial locked on our data-waves and we will continues to bring to the best of the underground we can uncover. Have some more for ya’ll in a couple days. We still got Ms. Bass’s Drum and Bass line-up to announce for Wednesday. Have a safe weekend!

DJ Fate Drops Bomb #Techno Debut on KLST Scheduled for Tonight! 9-12 8 P.M. EST | School Night: Photo Wrap Up.

Since I took my new duties at 103.5 KLST I have had not had a chance to hit the decks in weeks. You know what? I don’t even care. It’s like every day I wake up and get some dope news. Today was no different when I finally got my hands on DJ Fate’s care package for KLST rotation. I was giddy when I woke up to a text this morning from the multi-genre beat slayer herself. “I’ll be home around 3, I’ll get that to you.”

“DJ Fate began her music career in April of 2000 in Indianapolis. She got her first residency, mixing house music, in 2006 at Therapy Nightclub and Lounge with OnTrack (formerly SideTrack) promoting “PLUSH” on Thursday nights. Other residencies include Champagne Disco at Casba in Broad Ripple and Metro Nightclub on Massachusetts Ave in Indy. She has performed at many other bars in the city, including The Patron Saint, Vogue, Talbott Street, Greg’s, Tini, and The Melody Inn. Fate has some festival experience as well. Most recently, on the main stage at Indy Pride, sharing the stage with Lizzo!”

I had to come home from work early due which can be pretty routine. I have intermittent FMLA due to my better half’s health issues. I got home, got some cartoons and lunch going for our toddler while she rested and set up my computer in what I call the “Safe Space” to continue the tedious task of getting all these file uploaded to management. I got mad files uploading, the mini-me finishes his lunch and I do the 45 minute ritual of running through the house with him like a maniac to wear him down before nap time as files upload. A little while later with the munchkin soundly asleep I look to see the time… 3:45… Check messages… Nothing… I’m pacing… I’ve been waiting in anticipation of this “package” for days. Getting DJ Fate on board with KLST was another one of those big deals to me. Every DJ I can get on board is a big deal to me, but some DJs are special to me and Fate was one of them. She has skills, character, and an image that makes her stand out from the rest. Not to mention, I’ve never heard a negative thing ever come out of her mouth . This day and age, positivity goes a long way in this business. A hard lesson I’ve come to learn again and again.

“Production was always something that piqued Fate’s interest, so she started to produce in 2015 with her first release on Guerrilla Noise Records in 2017. Currently, she has releases on Plain-Face Music (Chicago) and unreleased music on Soundcloud.

*DING* Oh shit! Look down at phone… google drive link… word!
Hey Thanks A lot!
No problem, Thank you for the package
My new mix is in there, it’s Techno. 80 minutes long, 30 tracks.
Yeah man, I’m really stoked on it, honestly, it’s the most favorite mix I have ever done. You can just throw it into rotation, I’ll upload it to social later.
No way girl, let me run a feature, promote it, we’ll blast it through KLST’s signal tomorrow night at 8 P.M. Eastern, Prime Time Baby! Tell everyone they get to hear it here first!
Okay, go for it dude. Great Idea!
Bet, I’ll get the word out now!

DJ Fate playing local Goth night in Indy. This woman just straight up loves spinning tunes!


So you heard it! Tonight! *7/8 *Central/Eastern Standard Time! DJ Fate’s Live-Wire Techno Mix will be played on KLST data-waves and this will be your first chance to check it out! THAT IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Let’s see how School Night went ya’ll

Ms. Bass went to School Night. Let’s check out the action!

Fantastic! Looks like RinTin had an amazing Birthday. So stay tuned. I’ll have Monday’s NAPcast rotation real soon. I can’t believe I actually finished a feature before dawn. Think I’m getting the hang of this. Other BIG news coming. Much Love!

Confirmed Rotations Keep Rolling In At KLST. The Underground Is Starting to Mobilize.

Graveyard Radio and Spike Heart

I finally got a little bit of sleep ya’ll. Man, there is still a lot of work to do, so let’s get right to it. Management is going to try to get our first major block of time rolled out in a week or 2. I don’t have an estimated ETA yet but that’s our goal. It’s been a daunting task getting stuff over, however, I have been very happy with the progress and have had goosebumps and butterflies since things began. Right now Afterave and Graveyard Radio Programing is set to be 11 P.M. to 6 A.M. Eastern Standard time. Once we get that going and then see where we are with mixes and content, we are going to stretch the starting time to 8 P.M. Easter Time for exclusives and some of the higher tier DJs that have been in the game for decades and who I feel in my opinion need more recognition. Don’t fret though, my goal is to make sure everyone get a fair amount of play in the rotation because we do stand behind inclusion and want to feature all underground talent. So be patient and this will be a place we can all shine. It’s kind of first come, first served. You want that big feature, send us a dope exclusive and a proper EPK and we’ll get that to our editors.

Next I’d like to show you a couple of confirmations of rotation over the weekend that have not been on the website yet. We are way behind on that, again, we ask ya’ll to be patient. This is all a lot of work for just a few people. WE LOVE it’s popping off, definitely keep em coming and we can have something beautiful. Much love to all of you.

Like there would be any question I would want DJ Fate’s mixes blasting through KLST’s signal. The woman has been out in the booth bangin’ the stars on 45’s for over a decade and a half. You can read all about that here. When I got word Fate had a package en route, I did a jig of phenomenal proportion. I have a feeling Fate will be around for a hot minute on KLST and in the clubs bringing us supersonic beats through those headphones!
This is Komrade Jay of the 412 BOSS CREW. Again more slamming Jungle and Drum and Bass for that ass. Jay here has been confirmed for rotation and exclusive content. We’ll have more info on the masked spinner of the beats when we goto AIR that bad boy. Welcome to the Fam homie!
More Drum and Bass compliments of Ms. Bass. Meet Secret Sauce, he will be in rotation for next weeks NAP DNB’s NAPCAST KLST Broadcast and he has a
huge support gig for LTJ Bukem on Oct. 4th. In Cleveland, OH.
Last but not least, Snaxxx is going to do big things! She has a new residency for Wubsday @ The Patron Saint, she also has an entire slew of festival gigs coming up. This femme fatal is blowing speakers with dirty bass music and banging beats and making it look easy. That’s why I jumped at the chance to get Snaxxx confirmation on rotation when it was suggested to hit her up. We have a big feature on her coming up when we present her with “Mixtape of the Month” for October 2019. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned to our Instagram as more confirmations will be rolling out this week on there for sure.

Let’s talk about my man, Jin-XS. We got 2 things of big news on Indy’s most famous vampire freak. He has been in constant KLST rotation since I got on board years ago. Management is in love with him as much as I am. One of the most versatile and creative players in the game, no way I could do another update without mentioning the dude, especially after the news I got last night.

Jin-XS has a big show coming up as support 2 major touring artists. You can check out all about the show here. We’ll also peep the flyer below. That’s not the best part IMO though.

This right here, in the image below, is what I’m stoked on. He wants you guys to know if you’re going to the show to see him slaughter a room full of unsuspecting people on the decks, then he’s got a personal physical copy for you. Wait! It get better, scroll down.

Graveyard Radio is getting a pre-copy of this baby before it hits you hands and I’m going to review this bad boy. He doesn’t know it yet, but I am kind of hoping Jin-XS is going to let me bump this bad boy at least once on air before the show. So stay tuned. I do have some of Mr. Aseity tracks I need to preview. That would make for a really dope Graveyard Radio, wouldn’t it? Speaking of Aseity, he made public some awesome news today. Been waiting with excitement for days for him to drop the bomb so I could talk about it here.

It’s funny, I was just talking about Soul Slinger in our Weekend Update last Friday. Hmmm.
Looks like one of KLST’s DJ’s who is set for debuts, rotations, and exclusive mixes is now affiliated with Jungle Sky. Fucking dope!
Congratulations homie! I knew you were part of the elite jungliest movement 19 years ago. Now everyone else will. Mad love dog!

Let’s see what KLST’s beloved Ms. Bass was up to this weekend.


Hell yeah! She went and saw Mr. Dave Owen! That shirt though! Keep up the great work, looks like a great time! Don’t forget, Ms. Bass has a broadcast and feature of her own coming up Wednesday Night. Read all about it here. Speaking of Dave Owen, if your in the NAP tonight, well then there is School Night! Lets look at that flyer one more time!

Ah yeah! That’s going to be good stuff! Get lots of pictures for us Ms. Bass!

Oh wait! I almost forgot. We have a new NAPCAST episode 272 you can check out right now! Featuring one of our supporting talents tonight! Micromachine!

Fucking tight! Check that our here!

Couple more things and we can wrap this up. Let’s not forget about our man Big Wurm. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR THAT VOTE!. He has not been around much. He has a deadline to meet with at a record label and I excused him from promotion duties and told him he better go get that shit done! I heard the unmastered version and it’s a fucking heater. This is one hard working man. So go vote yo! Another reason to mention him in the update is he has a weekly night under the name Houston Underground. Wednesdays flyer just dropped for that. Let’s check it out.

Looks fresh as fuck fam! Check out more info at the event page.

One more show I meant to put on blast last week but forgot but it’s okay, we are going to try and get this thing a lot of coverage. It’s such a ways out, maybe try to snatch a couple exclusives to hype the thing a bit before it comes around. Check it out.

Go party with great talent for a good cause. Check out all the info on this bad boy here.

That’s it for this update. We covered a lot of ground. I’m trying to keep up, like I said, bare with me. We’ll cover as much as we can, as we can. Much love to all of you and the KLST Family. We fitting to run this bitch.

Anita Bass LLC and Graveyard Radio Bring Drum and Bass Fire to KLST (Mostly Anita Bass LLC)


All I can say is; I’m either a genius or clinically insane, maybe both… Thankfully, I got my home-girl, Ms. Bass who is on the front lines of this thing right there with me, putting in work as well. The happy dance we both did when we finally got the nod of approval from the NAP peeps was of epic proportions. Ms. Bass does not have a negative bone in her body and keeps my spirits lifted with her enthusiasm as she wonders how she got thrown into this mess in the first place. Granted, I don’t feel to bad for her. She’s out dancing and rubbing elbows having a good ol’ time mingling with top class underground veteran DJs, meanwhile I’m in a dark blacked out room looking at a screen till my eyes bleed before getting 2 hours of sleep and going back to the day job. I’m good with it though. Now that we had a huge legitimate block of content with NAP DNB, a solid anchor, our jobs seemed a little lighter. Plus, this woman loves the music so much she drives 5,6, maybe even 7 hours to pay $2 to $5 to go see her friends spin like it ain’t no thing. I see the dedication she puts into supporting her DJs and how she tries to do what she can to help. Ms. Bass will stop what she is doing when she can just to bump or post someone’s promo. Organizing this has not been without it’s frustrating moments you can imagine and still, she is cool as a cucumber. Her enthusiasm for this station matches mine. So when I got hit up by Ms. Bass one day as we were catching up with any progress on anything that was moving forward in what we thought would not be a hard thing to do. She about as serious as a heart attack says, “So like… are you gonna give me my own show or am I just getting you DJs?” I was flabbergasted and started laughing. I was like, look home-girl, You can have your own night! I wanted 2 nights of Drum and Bass a week! You see where we live. Our people live and breath drum and bass. There is so much Drum and Bass around here, it would be almost impossible not to have 2 nights if we wanted this thing legit. We all know, Anita was perfect for this. She is one of those very people that has Drum and Bass in her blood. Real recognize real and I see the mad love and respect she gets. So nothing would make my day, then to give her, her own night on KLST under her direction. I told you from day 1 yo, we are all equals here, this is as much yours as it is mine home-girl. This is going to be all of ours once we all on the same page. So these are Ms. Bass’s Exclusives. She wrote up her own bios on her DJs. As of me writing this, she is official on KLST staff with Word Press credentials. Congratulations Anita Bass LLC.

These exclusives will all 3 AIR back to back then be repeated.

*7/8 *Central/Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday – September 11th 2019. They will then be throw into a time slot, where everyday, it is a different exclusive mix that has been given us. We’ll talk about that more later. Let’s check out home-girl’s bios.

“Alienn Gonzales is one of the biggest fans of doing tricks on the decks, making his DJ sets on fire with all of the awesomeness, making anyone an even bigger fan of his DJ skills. He is definitely talented with all of his music for over 20 years. He has made waves, most notably DJing, but he has the whole box, with his emceeing, writing lyrics and producing reel-to-reel content. Listen to this exclusive drum and bass mix from Alienn Gonzales, then see him live in Columbus, Ohio on October 4, 2019 for all Vinyl, Jungle, and drum and bass at RESTART in COLUMBUS @REHAB TAVERN representing Fame Records, ANITABASS LLC, EUPHORIX PROFUNK 4RILLAREC Roswell, Church of Drum & Bass and Collective Intelligence Arsenal”
-Anita Bass LLC
“emplate, being a drummer, was instantly enchanted by jungle and dnb. He has dedicated the last 20 years to making him an expert in his interweaved sets, with neurofunk and darker, minimal dnb tunes that are often peppered with liquid dancefloor tracks, if the mood is right. emplate is The Astrogator on, every Wednesday night. Listen to this exclusive mix, featuring one of the coolest tracks, Raw by Dave Owen & Terraform.”
-Anita Bass LLC
“The Queen of Chaos is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s drum and bass queens. She’s has one of the greatest voices, one that will give you goosebumps, like I had a from personal experience when hearing her sing the national anthem at the Cleveland Indians game, which she has now done for 20 years in a row. She is steady making music with Lotus Mathematics, and she has her own The Witching Hour show every Sunday night on Listen to this exclusive mix and come out to see her in Cleveland, Ohio at the next show at the Fresh Air Resources drum and bass Friday night monthly at the end of September, on the 27th.”
-Anita Bass LLC

Awesome job yo! That’s all we got for now. Well, we got more, I’m just waiting for the appropriate time to tell ya. That and I am so, so very tired. Much love. Can’t wait to show everyone what’s next.

103.5 KLST Weekly Update September 6th 2019 E.V.

103.5 KLST – Anita Bass LLC -Graveyard Radio- NAP DNB
Universal Vibe – Indy EDM Blog – For The Musiq – Looney Chunez

Welcome to the 103.5 KLST Family Everyone. <3

So me and Ms. Anita Bass had a big feature to reveal tonight, however it did catch a snag. We do have our content and our mixes but I wanted Ms. Bass to put her own touch on it. She had unexpected obligations this yesterday evening and honestly it worked out great because we have a lot to catch up on Fam. So… let’s kick it. How about some music?

So of coarse, this is Big Wurm here. This is a mix of him I have not posted yet. It’s got a little over 13,600 plays. Very nice homie! I had no idea it was like that. Anyways, he has a crew called Looney Chunez. He also produces and makes his own stuff. Down there, from what I am told, edits are the games in Bass Music. He’s got his own thing and is very confident in his skills. I’ve downloaded him and his crews old mixes and they will be thrown into rotation along with everything else we have so far once I get a little more structuring done. He also throws his own weekly, Houston Underground. Anyways. I am talking him up because I would like people to vote for him here, so her can have a spot here. Whether he get’s a spot or not, he is going, and I’m going to make sure him and his crew get as many flyers as I can print for KLST representing all of us. That’s dope on it’s own, but I think it be even better if we could get him a slot, enabling a bigger platform. Pass it along if you are able.

So by the end of October, my biggest stress is getting structuring finished for those reason that have to do with Mr. Wurm here. Very important. That’s why we need as many of the old mixes on file as we can get from our people, so instead of rave achieve tapes and mainstream BS, it’s our peeps spinning on air, and not the ones who are living fat and already made it. Then I can focus on featuring all the exclusives I have. So I am hoping to speak with management by Monday, cause I have a plan for structuring so that is set, and I can start slipping our mixes as I get more of them. Just so we can clear up confusion about why me and Mrs. Bass are trying to collect files for old mixes. So bet… let’s check on Ms. Bass and see what she is up to.

Ms. Bass went to a little party this week. Let’s check it out.

Speaking of parties our Ms. Bass is going to, she’d really like it if you went to this one.

Damn girl! Are you fucking shitting me?

Alright, Alight, that is what’s up! What fucking year is this? Well that’s dope as fuck. Can’t wait to get some pics from that bomb diggity yo! I’m really sorry for the rave jive ya’ll! It’s just with after the 2 weeks I’ve had, can you blame me? 😉 Me and a Little Ms. Hopity Hop went and saw Soul Slingler one time. Stoked to see he’s around still doing the damn thing. Besides the obvious and just by looking at names alone, I want to know who Freaky Frank is? On name alone, that would be the guy I’d go watch. Every time I see this flyer and I read that name I am so tickled. Mrs. Bass, and we get the dish on that guy? Lol. So yeah. Dope stuff. What next?

Ms. Bass has another party she’d like ya’ll to check out. Flyer is not quite done yet but we got havoK and Queen of Chaos along with Ninja Papes supporting. Speaking of Queen of Chaos, or “The Queen” as we have been referring to her as. I’ll let you have a little peak at our feature.

So we got confirmation on Queen of Chaos for rotation and an exclusive coming at you guys soon.

You can peep that party here and I’ll that flyer the it comes out.

Let’s talk about School Night yo!

To celebrate RinTin’s Birthday, NAP DNB brought out one of their best homies from back in the day. I am going to quote RinTin’s own words from on his update last Monday, talking about School Night and Dave’s Mix on NAPCAST.

“This DJ/Producer has been building an encyclopedia of releases, and its currently in the middle of an incredible year, signing tracks to Metalheadz, Dispatch, and ProgRAM! No wonder we had to snag him for his Mid Summer Tour! Dave sent us a little exclusive heater for a taste of what’s in store when he comes rock the MEL on 9/10! #271 comes loaded, packed with big beats and bass bustin’ at the seams. Leaning on the heavier side, Dave Owen puts together a barrage of ferocious blends guaranteed to make you sweat on you day off!” 
So if you want to check out the latest NAPCAST from last Monday, September 2, and hear this mix, you can peep that right here.

So this week for NAP DNB we got School Night in collaboration with House of Babylon. You may of heard that the NAPCAST KLST Broadcast got moved to prime time after some convincing to management.

We got 6 hours of Drum and Bass that will repeat and run back to back starting at 7/8 P.M. Central/Eastern Time.
BY DEMAND: We added another mix to the NAPCAST PLAYLIST for Monday Night.
We are going to put Dave’s Mix on our KLST Broadcast as well!
So make that 7 hours of sick NAPCAST Drum and Bass on KLST
So let’s peep the flyer for School Night again.

Now I said I was going to put some of these other DJ’s on blast on Facebook Graveyard Radio Page, but I think they’d get seen a little more here if things keep up. Here at KLST we are trying to rep all our talent as much as possible and here is a couple favorites of mine from our supporting DJs:

2016? We got to get you an exclusive chica, let me know when you want a feature.

Now mixes don’t embed for some reason in Word Press, but I got you fam. Check out this little dirty tech house mix here.

Yo Giz? You want a feature? We got you to homie. Just hit me up, we can get it worked out.

I will try to dig up a couple more mixes Tuesday morning and also check the Graveyard Radio Page for those!

One last bit of big news I forgot about last night. Aseity hit me up a couple mornings ago and dropped his new E.P. due out October 11th on me. So as the date gets closer, We going to have a little listening party for that. I’ll be looking forward to talking more about him in the future.

So quick recap:
~Help me and Ms. Bass get everyones mixes
~NAP DNB NAPCAST Monday Night KLST Broadcast
~School Night Tuesday Night
~Then KLST got something special planned for everyone Wednesday night starting at 7/8 P.M. Central/Easter Time that we will update ya’ll tonight on. Thank you. Have a great weekend!

Attasalina Is The Real Gothic Angel Of Southern California.

Attasalina is example of someone with amazing talent, who I personally think is one of the most empathetic and humbled people I have ever gotten to know online. I always enjoy seeing her posts. We need more woman like her, who put their passion behind their art to rage against the machine. This woman gets it and she has gotten it for a long time.

“as I listened to this record, I could almost hear the blood, sweat, and tears that she put into her music, I was instantly humbled.”

So I kind of lost it today…

I have not slept much the last serval days and it has put me out of sorts. I kinda forgot why I was doing this. We live in a very superficial world and I kind of lost myself for a moment. On top of feeling like a real tool, I had complete writers block and was completely overwhelmed with how to organize the sear amount of content I am working on for this station. I want everything to be perfect and i want it now.

“Ghost Town”
The Seraphim Rising – Life in Suspension

So I am sitting here frustrated and lonely, I’m doubting myself and thinking about how I had made some bad decisions. I think to myself; You need to listen to The Seraphim Rising record Attasalina sent you. Almost like fate had put the idea into my head. As I go through her website contemplating listening to the record I am completely taken back by these beautiful photos Attasalina had taken in the different locations in these galleries on her website. All the ones I looked at were completely surreal and breathtaking. Some felt like you could almost reach out and touch what was in the photos. Now I am really freaking out. You’re an idiot, how did you ever think you could do this? Don’t over think it, I say to myself. Just put the record on and see how it makes you feel. I knew I would like it. I had watched a video or two on YouTube years ago and thought it was great, but I remember not being in a space where I could dig into it. I said to myself again, just listen to the record and do the feature.

“This woman gets it and she has gotten it for a long time.”

So I put the record on and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sometimes I think we just need a change of pace to free ourselves of being our own worst enemy. That’s something I should of learned a long time ago from looking up to artists that carry themselves the way Attasalina does. Her personality always has class and grace. There is nothing fake or superficial about Attasalina and I think that’s why I have always appreciated her as a person. I’ve never heard her put a label on herself and I’ve never seen her take shit from anyone. I’ve never heard her boast and I have never seen her put anyone down. I know life has been rough for her as a struggling independent artist which something a lot of us can relate to. Some of us handle it better than others. She has always just kept pushing through no matter what tribulations come her way. As I listened to this record, I could almost hear the blood, sweat, and tears that she put into her music, I was instantly humbled and all my anxiety melted away. That’s what good art should do to you. You feel one way, usually it’s negative, then you put the record on and your spirits are lifted. All the sudden, you’re inspired.

True Travelers



I really connected with the title of the photo galley the above image came from. This is what I have been trying to do for myself for months. It’s a hard battle. Being in a constant state of creativity seems to be the only thing that make these things subside

This record was amazing, it has the perfect balance of haunting and beautiful. The production and clean, the snare drum is clear. Attasalina has been playing piano since she was 6 years old. The woman know how to write a good tune. Her voice is angelic and punk rock all at once and it totally fits her character. Out of the 7 tracks, 4 she is wrote along with 3 covers originally by Sisters of Mercy, Lue Reed, and Bauhaus. She knocked all of them out of the park! I’ve heard a lot of bands that play this style of music and they are usually pretty forgettable. It’s definitely forgettable when they try to do Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy covers. The Seraphim Rising killed in though and Attasalina’s range is perfect for these types of tunes. We at KLST are proud to have this record in rotation. I am actually working on a playlist specifically where a sound like this will fit in perfectly. Also at some point today, I am going to have management play the whole record. I am going to have them play it for all of us that have struggled to survive and make it in an attempt to create things that are beautiful for love but also the hope to be more than just a slave to the system. I know Attasalina feels me there. Regardless how accurate you may think my headline is for this feature, I am sticking by it. Attasalina is the real deal.

Houston Underground Brings the Heat to the Heart of Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, I don’t know much about that, but I know my man’s Big Wurm is a guy I would not want to fuck with in a dark ally. I also know Big Wurm is doing big things in Houston’s Drum and Bass and Bass Music Underground. He’s has a weekly Wednesday Night event that is creating a buzz and you bass heads should take note: Big Wurm be bringing fire himself. I’m still trying to get that vote on for him to play at Freak Deaky Texas, where his crew plan to represent 103.5 KLST as our official boots on the ground come the end of October when Myself and Anita plan to have all of KLST’s Afterave Programing unrolled. This man deserves a shot, but if his dedication to throwing a weekly night does not convince you of that, don’t worry… I got plenty more content coming in the following month to convince you otherwise.

I present to you tonight’s festivities:

Now this is my bad, I was confused about this event being next week, not tonight! So we had to at least put together a little insight to what Houston Underground is heating up the summer nights with. So don’t worry guys, we are going to get you guys lots of slam time around here.

“Tristan West aka LOOPS is a producer from Houston, TX that has been growing with Subciety. LOOPS is heavily inspired by classic rock and bass music and nature. He looks to bring you into his loops of music and positivity.”

Dude has got a lot of tracks. Definitely something I’m going to have to go and check out later.
Big Ups!

“Jon Schiele aka GAMBLE is a DJ raised in Houston and Scotland who primarily enjoys mixing trap, bass, dubstep, and future bass. However, has a wide range of genres that he explores and has been consistently evolving his style since the start.”

I almost wish I didn’t have to goto bed right now. This thing is fucking slamming! Definitely Adding to my favorites for a listen later today.

Definitely something that needs to be on Texas’s radar. You can check out Subciety’s Facebook Page here. Also, be sure to RSVP at the event page here.

NAP DNB And their guest DJs Featured on NAPCAST Find a New Territory to Expand and Represent @ 103.5 KLST

Roots of Drum and Bass in Indianapolis run deep. Just taking a few minutes reading RinTin’s update on Monday @ will tell you that. I don’t have a dog in this race at all, but I’m here to tell you, it’s no bullshit. I have witnessed the amount of hard work these artists put into what they love. These guys take their craft very seriously. They have stayed consistently putting out fresh mixes and content for years now. Not to mention, most of them have well over 2 decades in the concrete jungle of Naptown, being involved with throwing show’s that has brought world class Drum and Bass to a hole in the wall, punk rock, dive bar for at least a decade and a half, that I know of. That said, I don’t need to name drop. Just goto the website and read up when you get a chance. Let’s continue…

Now, I need to go off the rails a little as I sit here, listening to DJ Odi of NYC, I feel fucking euphoric! From day one, when I decided I was going to attempt to bring underground dance to KLST’s rotation, there is no way I could have fully represented properly without being able to put NAP DNB and their NAPCAST that brings artists and DJs from all over the country and the world on it. It was my priority to get them here first. I think I drove Laura and Jim crazy and I didn’t expect it to happen. So that said, NAP DNB is going to have it’s own night on 103.5 KLST Programing. Every Monday Night from 8 P.M. to 2 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, we are going to be banging out some of our favorite NAPCAST’s and put NAP DNB and the amazing artists that have contributed to NAPCAST on blast. Also, for you late nighters, we will be immediately encoring our presentation follow the first.

So without any further gilding of the lilly, this weeks NAPCAST 271 by next weeks School Night Headliner:
Dave Owen

As RinTin put it himself on his update Monday:
“This DJ/Producer has been building an encyclopedia of releases, and its currently in the middle of an incredible year, signing tracks to Metalheadz, Dispatch, and ProgRAM! No wonder we had to snag him for his Mid Summer Tour! Dave sent us a little exclusive heater for a taste of what’s in store when he comes rock the MEL on 9/10! #271 comes loaded, packed with big beats and bass bustin’ at the seams. Leaning on the heavier side, Dave Owen puts together a barrage of ferocious blends guaranteed to make you sweat on you day off!”

And our flyer for School Night
Presented by: NAP DNB and House of Babylon

Just a quick Note: Those not from Indy should be aware, House of Babylon’s roots goes about as deep as it gets in being one of the originals in Indy’s dance scene. Be aware, this is sacred ground.

RinTin is celebrating his birthday at the next installment of School Night. This is important because RinTin asked for our scheduled NAP DNB block next week to play one of his own NAPCAST mixes that is a personal favorite of his.

So first 1st NAP DNB’s NAPCAST Broadcast on 103.5 KLST will include the following:
*Update: Dave Owen
Along with support from these NAPCAST contributors.

And that is our September 9th Monday Night Line-Up Ya’ll! Don’t worry, we won’t have much talking on this, I’m gonna record some new drops for the station to go in between mixes. Those waiting to tune in can drop by and follow the KLST or Graveyard Radio Facebook pages to get links to some of the artists mixes over the next week as well as the supporting DJ’s at School Night while I hype this up.

Happy Birthday RinTin!