Day 6/7 | Diablo Syndrome Does Bass House Mix from Quarantine! KLST Exclusive! | New John Scott! Bit_Decay! | Get Deep with Tony Dee – Global Lockdown Pt. 2 + New ePLATE Mix Courtesy of Anita Bass LLC this Wednesday Night! ++ Phobik Drops “Salute” ALSO: John Acquaviva Releases Recovery Mix

So this will be my last day in quarantine. Everyone’s fever had been gone for more than 72 hours, so unfortunately, this will be my last feature till next weekend most likely. I did however want to drop a new set of mixes that are KLST approved before I go back to my corporate masters.


We’ve heard a lot of apocalypse themed sounding mixes since the shut down. Diablo Syndrome who is known for his dark and spiraling drum and bass mixes that could lead someone to their insanity. He had something a little different in mind. Those that need just the right pick me up are in for a treat. This bass house mix is 100% booty shaking and hip gyrating! It’s exclusively available on our KLST Mixcloud. Be sure to give Diablo Syndrome a follow on his Instagram!


As promised, here is Bit_Decay’s third installment of his Absolution Trilogy. This mix delivers another mix of dark wave, agrotech, ebm, industrial, and post-punk! It does so aggressively and fluidly. Bit_Decay just absolutely slays honestly, so be sure to check it out.


One of our resident DJ’s courtesy of Universal Vibe, John Scott, is bringing the heat when it comes to techno. He consistently delivers the brand of #techno that the midwest losses their minds over. I was definitely excited when he dropped his quarantine mix and now we are finally getting the chance to share it with all of you!


Phobik delivers another tight mix! This time we are getting a mix of jump-up, tech neuro, and classic jungle!

“Brand new mix set featuring dubs by DJ Otto [AME – WI], Sephia, Aseity & new tunes from Fluid Dynamics, Binary, Dropset, Taxman & more…48 minutes of an assault on the ears!”
– Phobik

Tony Dee

Tony Dee dropped by the KLST Community today! This is mix 2 of his “Global Lockdown Series” If you are looking for something a little more chill, Tony got you covered taking it deep and making it groovy, with a nice little darker note towards the end. 100% check this one!


eMPLATE has delivered a new mix to Ms. Bass and we are going to drop on AIR! Tune into 103.5 KLST Wednesday Night at 8 PM EST to check that out! Afterwards we are going to run another throwback episode of Anita Bass LLC for your listening pleasure.

Ms. Bass posted John Acquaviva‘s recovery mix in the Official KLST Community Today. I wanted to share that with you as well. We are so glad you are healthy John!

Personal Message from John’s Soundcloud Page reads: “UNDERGROUND House music. Back on the bike. Officially today I have bean given a clean bill of HEALTH. Thanks again everyone🙏❣️ Please enjoy my Recovery Mix featuring some of my most lovely personal classics.”

Last but not least!
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412 Boss Crew

Radio Show
on KLST!

MAY 1st ya’ll!
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Check out my latest
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Thank you everyone that has stuck with us. Hope everyone has another great week of quarantine. Please be safe out there.

Quarantine Day 4-5 – RE-GEN X – New DJ Tarnish is Coming | Infectious Unease Radio with Decades on the Fringe + Gothic Delight: Betsy Death Keeps Things Spooky

Thought I would take some time today to bring to light our incredible team of that puts together the RE-GEN X Daytime Programming on the station.

A Quick Re-Cap

Are you a pissed-off member of Generation X who can’t find their goth boots and stuck in LA traffic? At 103.5 KLST we got the solution.


Infectious Unease has been banging out Episodes of Infectious Unease Radio on 103.5 KLST like clockwork since he had been on board. In the games since 1992, Infectious Unease has had the underground on blast for decades and recently ventured out before the shutdown to see Noncompliant’s Australian debut.

He recently put in a lot of effort into one of his latest, a dark wave trilogy special, and we wanted to remind everyone you can listen to this Part 2 and all the past episodes on his account.

Part 3 just dropped! Enjoy this episode before it’s release! Be sure to tune into Infectious Unease Radio on 103.5 KLST. Monday and Tuesday at 2/3 PM Central/Eastern Time!


Tainted and Tarnished is Back! Tarnish feeling a little feisty and did up a nice little mock album cover to amuse us a bit. It’s nice to see him getting in touch with his softer side. For real though. Mikal just got a clean bill of health for those that didn’t know, he just got a huge chunk of cancer cut out of his face and he is looking to get back to work. His band Solo-X has had to cancel several shows due to Covid 19. They went live on Facebook and performed last Saturday. You can catch the newest episode of Tainted & Tarnished this Friday (April 3) at 6 PM EST and I know we are in for a treat.

Don’t forget you can catch all past Tainted and Tarnished episodes on our RE-GEN X Mixcloud. We also have past episodes of Silent Screams from Rooster Jones who is currently taking a hiatus currently.

Wicked Wednesday
w/ Betsy Death

“Betsy Death is the owner and editor of World Of Goth magazine America’s Number 1 Goth Dedicated Print Publication celebrating it’s 6th year. Betsy Death is a internationally published Writer, Model, Photographer, Producer, Artist, Musician and Designer.”

@worldofgoth @betsyheavensofficial @betsydeath

It’s no secret Betsy has made a name for herself in the gothic underground. Her World of Goth Magazine covers some extraordinary talent and models from all over. I knew she had good taste, so I offered her a slot during RE-GEN X as a well to help promote her magazine on another platform. We are very excited to have her show on our station. Her newest episode features bands such as Humanphobia, Exponentia, Ken Fury, Youth Lagoon, Chirstian Death, and many more.

Check out our first episode of Wicked Wednesday above and be sure to tune in this Wednesday (April 1st) at 4 PM EST to catch her newest.