Oct 09 2017


I know it may look bad. It is just a troll. It has always been a troll. We see the despair in the world. We see the suffering, and just like the great jesters in the courts of kings in the past, we make light of it. We come as artists and as social engineers to show you all how pathetic your problems really are.

Let me break this down in terms you may be able to understand. There is a problem but the problem is not what you think it is. The problem is that you think there is a problem. By thinking that there is a problem and acting on those thoughts you make the perceived problem bigger. You are all making your own problems real. You are giving your own problems power in the real world and creating them, making them true, just like we made pepe into what it is today and just like we contributed to the rise of Trump.

Don’t like it, then do something about it. We see your efforts and we all laugh. The problem is that you have to keep making there be a problem. We see your infinite genders tumblr, and we also see that they are not needed. We see all of your cries for justice BLM and SJW’s everywhere, and we see that they are not needed. We see all of your screams for feminism, and we see that they are not needed. We see that the problem is not that one group or another is a minority or is oppressed, but that the real problem is that we all allow there to be a sense of oppression to begin with.

It is known in the practice of the ancient gnostics that by elevating one side of a duality you also contribute to the other. To run towards justice is to run away from it. To elevate one group over another is to make the divide between the two groups even greater. We see your cries of oppression and we laugh because you allow yourselves to be victims.

Power does not come to those that give their power away. The only oppressor is your own minds. We elevate ourselves when we elevate others and by elevating one group over another you are also discriminating. What do you want to put on a pedestal next, bologna? Because all of your cries for justice are bologna. We all experience injustice. We all fear. We all experience sadness. We all hurt. We all bleed red. We are all special snowflakes and this is exactly why none of us are special. Elevate everyone equally. Do not discriminate in your comings or your goings. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

We see your victim mentality and we see that you are only exacerbating the cycle. Institutionalized racism is real. Transphobia is real. Homophobia is real. White supremacism is real. All the problems you all shout out for in support of with your twisted sense of justice and real mannerisms of discrimination are real. We do not deny the truth: we embrace it, we revel in it and we use it against you.

PROPAGANDAPepe is not a symbol of hate. Pepe is the jester. Pepe is the minstrel at the king’s side that shows him that everything is not as dark as it seems and that there is a way through the day, and he is the minstrel that does this by showing the king exactly how dark things already are. There have always been jesters in this world: shamans, mystics, artists, magicians, healers, rogues. There have always been people out there that see things and realize that there is another way.

We are in the midst of a great paradigm shift and we thank you, all of you SJW’s and normies, because you show the world that there is another way. You show the world in your hypocrisy and in your discrimination, as you lift up one minority above a majority and as you lift up those that you view as oppressed against those that you view as oppressors, that we are all victims of a false dichotomy. We are all the victims of division. We are all the victims of fear. People fear that they are wrong. People fear that things really are as bad as you SJW’s say it is, and in your hypocrisy you are showing them that you are right. Things are horrible. The world is garbage. False dichotomies and greater division is not the answer.

The answer is union. We must all come together as brothers and as sisters. We must all come together as a nation. White, and black, and Hispanic, and Italian, and Latino, and Asian, and Native American, and whatever else you may consider yourself as. Whatever gender you say you are, you still have a bleeding heart and you still bleed red.

We are in support of a free world. We recognize that not all cultures can seamlessly blend. We recognize that we all have differences. We recognize that we are not all equal. We recognize that there is oppression. We do not try to end oppression, we accept it. We celebrate our differences. Instead of trying to make us all equal in our diversity and instead of trying to bring some sort of twisted sense of justice and truth to the world, we realize that inequality is the nature of diversity.

We honor diversity. We respect diversity. /Pol/ is one of the most singularly diverse places on the internet and that is because, regardless of how racist and crude we may be, we all realize that differences are important. True equality is not possible. It has been proven time and time again that there can never be a true utopia. We know that we are not equal and that is what makes us equal. We are all special snowflakes and we recognize this. We see that it is our differences that make us strong. We celebrate our differences. We celebrate our pride. We do not try to make all of the snowflakes equal. There will always be a snowflake out there that is superior to the others.

We are accepting of all races, of all creeds, of all orientations, and of all differences. We may mock and ridicule you, we may hate you, we may spit in your face, but we know that we are all human. We respect your right to be a victim but we also honor our right to be viewed as one who victimizes. We respect your right to be offended, but we also honor our right to offend. We respect that you may be triggered, but we honor that we have the power to trigger. We recognize that there is oppression but we also see that each and every human has the power to oppress.

We stand united, together, as /Pol/, and as humans. We stand here on our ground, with our symbol, and our flag. We come as people just like you. We come as proud trolls and SJW’s in our own right. We are magicians. We are shamans. We are the jesters of the world that show you all the uncomfortable truth. We bring our red pills and sometimes we end up having to shove a few down someone’s throat. The world is not all sunshine and rainbows, it never has been, and it never will be.A MARKET FLOODED WITH DISTRACTIONS

As much as we may belittle others, we all know that we are diverse, we are special, and that is what makes us who we are. We have pride in our differences. We are equal because we know that we are not equal. We are free because we know that we can never, truly, be completely free. We come as a blizzard, as thousands of special snowflakes united in one cause. We celebrate our differences. We elevate our strengths. We reserve the right to trigger, and to victimize, and to oppress, because this is part of what makes us human.

We wish to be free from the need to attain freedom. We wish to be allowed to live as the humans that we are. We wish to be free from the SJW’s and the normies that see the problems and try to solve them instead of letting nature and humanity be as we are. We are one nation. We are one Earth. We are one people. We are brothers and sisters united in our differences. We see that there will always be oppressors, and instead of allowing ourselves to be victims, we relish this truth. We are Kekistan.



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