Apr 16 2015

Spam Attacks!


Starting on April 11, the site underwent a massive spam attack. I have purged the spam, spam users, and activated a captcha system which has stopped a constant stream of spam accounts being created. There were about 9000 accounts created from the 11th to today. In purging these accounts there is a very good chance valid users were deleted too. Oops. Wasn’t gonna take the time to look at each one. Just did a mysql query for all users minus the first few I could identify for sure as not spammers.


In the spam attack they managed to create 9000 uesrs, post over 50,000 spam ads (most of which were impressively unique). The attacks originated from Vietnam, and the entire country has been blocked. It is not going to be unblocked.

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  1. Spammer McGee


    We best Rayban sunglasses of all time. You look super cool with your new Rayband totally legit brand sunglass underwear. Tell people “I am a man who wears Raybans” when you wear Raybans.

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    The FDA has not approved this spam to diagnose or treat any disease. Please listen to Music-Thirty, it’s a pretty good show.

  2. At least it wasn’t Lucas Wise. That would have made Aether apoplectic!

  3. Aether

    Forgot all about him actually, having a life outside the internet will do that. Good twerk on the antispam 😛

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