Apr 17 2016

Episode 3 of the Wolves Den Kitty Elections

Whiskey3RadioKALLISTI.org presents:
Episode 3 of the Wolves Den Kitty Elections! All new episode playing all day today and all month!

Feb 07 2016

103.5 KLST Presents The 2016 Wolves Den Kitty Elections!

We here at RadioKallisti.org are proud to announce our Untitled-1upcoming 2016 Wolves Den Kitty Elections! We are asking you, our awesome listeners, to help us vote in our newest Cat President! Tune in for the debates of the century! Will CatNip finally be legalized? Are there ties to Mexican cartels? Will anyone survive Tiamat, the Fucking Terrifying’s wrath?

Tune in, turn up and jam it off!

Feb 07 2016

Shake Off Those Fapurary Blues

ContactSheet-001It’s that time of year, we’ve started passing these cards out for VD, flooding the Twitfeed with #JamItOff and #lovesux, which should sufficiently frighten off those blues with a burst of amused merriment…

…or a slap in the face, whatever your predilections we have you covered.

Untitled-1Election season is upon us like a rapist, we are working on a new series to entertain your ears as our rights are cross examined. Wolves Den Studios is holding it’s own election, The 2016 Wolves Den Kitty Elections! November is just around the corner again, so feel free to ask the hard questions here or on our forums.

Fapurary is also Nigga History Month so be on the look out for weekly releases of Real Talk, True Niggs of History for some unbias brain candy!

Tune in, turn up, and jam it off!




Dec 22 2015



Dec 04 2015


RADIOkallisti.org is holding the first ‘WHY I DON’T WANT TO ADULT ANYMORE’
all you gotta do is fiwhy-i-dont-adult-2ll a page with drawings (construction paper and crayon preferred) depicting why you don’t want to adult anymore, then, upload it here. You mustn’t use any words, or symbols, you will be disqualified. Winners will be announced next Sunday, during Preposterous Hypothesis.
Three finalists will be chosen by our three panelists, and they will get the first round of prizes. And LionWire Will select the grand prize winner. Prizes will be announced on air, and include but are not limited to gift cards, games, and other treats.

Dec 02 2015

Universal Things, secrets

12186452_10205486861948130_4122111514382228904_oDid you ever have a secret? Most people have. The universe itself has many. Tune in tonight as we discuss them on Universal Things, broadcasting live from the Wolves’s Den on 103.5 KLST Radio Kallisti. Listen here: https://www.radiokallisti.org Jam it off!

Nov 22 2015


Kim-Rae-Hulley---Selfie-Sunday-ad--OctoberSelfie Sunday is HERE! Tune in to hear details on the prizes! Post a pic, like and share, tell your friends to help you win! Get the most likes on your selfie, WIN.
Sound simple? This month the winner will be caricatured, and they will also get their choice of six different games, offered through Steam™! You must know which game you want at the time you win! So, tune in, turn up, & jam it off, with us @ 103.5 KLST – RadioKALLISTI.Caster.fm – RadioKALLISTI.org

Nov 14 2015





















We got a bunch of new shows this month, Universal Things, Preposterous Hypothesis, T2’s Hullabaloo, Music-Thirty went through changes, and is now the longer, Music-Hour (Ladies like it)!

Oct 23 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, RadioKallisti.org

I am T2. One of the Founders of KLST. I’m on the Board of Directors, a very shaky
DJ, as well as Head Cheerleader and Chief Executive Worry-Wort at the Station.11209419_1642197326039288_2192624422497009634_n

I know pride is supposed to be a sin.
I don’t subscribe to that.

I am proud of KLST.

We are grateful to all the people who have made this thing possible.

Happy 1st Birthday, radiokallisti.org

A bit over a year ago, there was much chatter amongst Discordians suggesting “We should have a Radio Station”. There was no Radio Station. A few people agreed to the point of actually doing the work to make 103.5 KLST a reality. And a Radio Station was created. And Eris and Badger saw it, and it was good. Since those humble beginnings, many of you have joined the KLST Family. Your hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated, and I know you take great pride in being a part of this. So, I want to thank you. Well done.

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