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We got a bunch of new shows this month, Universal Things, Preposterous Hypothesis, T2’s Hullabaloo, Music-Thirty went through changes, and is now the longer, Music-Hour (Ladies like it)!

Oct 23 2015

Happy 1st Birthday,

I am T2. One of the Founders of KLST. I’m on the Board of Directors, a very shaky
DJ, as well as Head Cheerleader and Chief Executive Worry-Wort at the Station.11209419_1642197326039288_2192624422497009634_n

I know pride is supposed to be a sin.
I don’t subscribe to that.

I am proud of KLST.

We are grateful to all the people who have made this thing possible.

Happy 1st Birthday,

A bit over a year ago, there was much chatter amongst Discordians suggesting “We should have a Radio Station”. There was no Radio Station. A few people agreed to the point of actually doing the work to make 103.5 KLST a reality. And a Radio Station was created. And Eris and Badger saw it, and it was good. Since those humble beginnings, many of you have joined the KLST Family. Your hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated, and I know you take great pride in being a part of this. So, I want to thank you. Well done.

Oct 22 2015

KLST Seriously Turns Up

We’re turning one year old! That’s right we’ve been on air, in your ear, and jamming it off for three hundred sixty five days, come October 23rd! We have been planning some special shows for the week, twerking the schedule, and turning things up! Tonight we have a special Wizards and Warlocks! Friday we have the Kick Ass Birthday Bash with the Wolves Den Crew led by Hell’s Belle & The Rev. party starts at 412109299_907197356028503_1395895262568731674_npm central, followed by a prime time Music-Thirty at 8pm, then a crescent fresh Docter Zan. We’ll also have Dada and fl4l at the 19th Hole in Bremerton, WA, sound dirty enough yet!? We’ve got more tricks in our pants…


If you haven’t heard our pal Steph, is marrying her love and soul mate, Glen Potter, a real dildo. No really, he looks to be a ten inch plastic dong with balls. He’s got dreamy eyes and is charming as fuck. Catch their ‘nups in Austin, TX, at Mister Tramps tomorrow, Friday, October 23rd. It’s gonna be a blast, part performance art, guest speakers, prizes, the whole shebang. We celebrate hard as fuck.

Catch you on the waves,
-Rev. Noxx


Oct 17 2015

October’s Selfie Sunday

James & Derpy Hat, Winners of September's Selfie Sunday!

James & Derpy Hat, Winners of September’s Selfie Sunday!

Selfie Sunday is HERE! Tune in tomorrow and listen for details on the prizes! Post your selfie, here, on our facebook thread, then, Like & Share the post! Get the most likes on your selfie, WIN.

Sound simple? This month the winner will be caricatured, but they will also get their choice of six different games, offered through Steam™! You must know which game you want at the time you win! So, tune in, turn up, & jam it off, with us @ 103.5 KLST —

Oct 03 2015

New Episodes of Music-Thirty?

Can a show truly celebrate its one-year anniversary if its came out as regularly as Andy Griffith’s bowel movements (pretty sure he’s dead, so…. maybe my analogy 1622718_468090243312920_740993918_nbroke down a little bit here….)

Its been half a year since I released a Music-Thirty. I’ve sat down many times to record one, each time without fail, when the record is pressed I realize my voice is not there. Of course my show is mostly just the illegally used art of other people, padded out with my inane ramblings, and the fact that I can’t even produce an uninspired episode of Music-Thirty is a testament to either my supreme laziness or the headspace I’ve been in these past few seasons.
I even wrote a radio drama, voiced and produced by the talented blood and sinew of KLST, but writing what’s relevant to you turned out to be more a suicide mission than I had hoped and that project sits in a can on a dusty shelf, abandoned by its creator, property of Niza if he ever wants to make it (and finish it because I be goddamned…)

One of the coolest things, rather, one of the few things that has given me joy throughout the struggle in which I find myself was getting random messages on my Facebook from people I had no clue who they were telling me how much they enjoyed my bizarre little show, my sophomoric antics, and occasionally, my whining about life. Oh yeah, also music. I’m a music show!

Sharing the music I love, using my boundless creativity to entertain myself and sometimes you, having an outlet for the surplus of angst I’ve been carrying around since middle school, these are the reasons I jumped at the chance to have a show when this weird little joke of a radio station began.

Music-Thirty will be back. When I feel that I am at a place where I can create something, you’ll once again have your reason to live, and erisall the masturbation fodder from my sexy voice that you can handle. Until then, I have a project in the works, but last time I made mention of that, well…. see above…..and also the time before that…..

The power cut off on me as I got to this part so I’m taking this as a sign that I’m a fucking windbag and I’m killing the post.

Thank you for listening… to the show… not… to this post….

My love to you all,

Oct 02 2015

The Forums are LIVE!

The wait is over! The forums are live, and ready for your viewing pleasure. This baby still needs some life, so it’s up to all of us to breathe it into her. (That’s right, the forums has a female gender.) Feel free to post your suggestions, feedback, random comments, etc. Let the forums be your personal playground.

Forums button up top, or just click Here


You’re welcome.

Forums are here! PARTAY!!!

Oct 02 2015

Guns & Butts

Humans are aggressive creatures, we’re also social. While the two seem at odds, they often work in tandem. People have gone on spree killings as far back as time records. Serial killers always stalked the roads and alleys. The violent walk among us and it will continue to be so, they are us. We invent words and phrases to define them, separate us from them. In truth, there is no definite line to draw distinction. Some people are aggressive, and some are charming, most are a blend, somewhere in between, it’s not like they are exclusive, one can be both keenly charming and violently aggressive.
iphone-suicide-nets2The average person will do extraordinarily out of character things if a crowd is cheering them on to act as such. Youth is even more readily influenced and due to having little life experience, a youth, can make some devastating choices. The mentally ill have it even worse with inner pressures as well as outer, and they explode. When they do, folk talk. Previously it may have been months or years before word got sufficiently around. By then the story had been distorted beyond recognition, but the news traveled. Copy cat killers are documented as early as the Servant Girl Annihilator, or Jack the Ripper and, certainly hinted at in earlier cases.
We now have better, faster methods to transmit news information. In turn, the cycles of the eternal wheel, “monkey see, monkey do” spin faster, the enormous pool of information is digested in real time by countless hungry eyes, and few take up arms to act it out. It’s not guns that are the issue. It’s people. Sick, desperate, lonely people vying for our attention.

Sep 24 2015

Wizards and Warlocks – Return from Oblivion

The 2 hour special Wizards and Warlocks – Return from Oblivion internet radio broadcast WnW02set to premier September 24th. Stay tuned to join us on twitter and participate in live discussions regarding the ancient occult practices of alchemy and its roles or influences on our lives today.

Then we will come together and get some ideas to elaborate on art, philosophy and science/ meta-physics for the second showing of W+W – return from oblivion show. Stay tuned

~ Yumi

All new- Wizards and Warlocks : return from oblivion*** Grand premier tonight 8-10 pm central time!!! Hear it first and join in live via twitter by following me @YumiFreya only on. 103.5 KLST1

Sep 23 2015

A Message From

SYSTEM MESSAGE – 2015-09-22 05:39:38 UTC/GMT-5
Scheduled Maintenance
We will be performing some planned maintenance on the Streaming servers on Wednesday, 9/23/15 09:00 – 12:00 EDT (GMT -0400). During this time, the radio servers will be offline and will needed to be started after the servers come back.

We hope this will not be too much of an inconvenience as we work to perform some necessary upgrades.


dontworryopwilldeliverYOU CAN STILL TUNE IN RIGHT HERE- 103.5 KLST -Music for the prettiest one. All week, Music-Thirty at 2:30 cdt, AlcheMinistry Labs @3:00, The Decompression Session w/ Rev. Noxx @ 4, & Dr Zan @ 8pm cdt. It’s exactly like that.

Sep 21 2015

AAAAhhh!!! September’s Winner

We’re judging and announcing the winner TODAY @ 8 pm cdt!
Tune in! Turn up Jam it off!

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