Oct 03 2015

New Episodes of Music-Thirty?

Can a show truly celebrate its one-year anniversary if its came out as regularly as Andy Griffith’s bowel movements (pretty sure he’s dead, so…. maybe my analogy 1622718_468090243312920_740993918_nbroke down a little bit here….)

Its been half a year since I released a Music-Thirty. I’ve sat down many times to record one, each time without fail, when the record is pressed I realize my voice is not there. Of course my show is mostly just the illegally used art of other people, padded out with my inane ramblings, and the fact that I can’t even produce an uninspired episode of Music-Thirty is a testament to either my supreme laziness or the headspace I’ve been in these past few seasons.
I even wrote a radio drama, voiced and produced by the talented blood and sinew of KLST, but writing what’s relevant to you turned out to be more a suicide mission than I had hoped and that project sits in a can on a dusty shelf, abandoned by its creator, property of Niza if he ever wants to make it (and finish it because I be goddamned…)

One of the coolest things, rather, one of the few things that has given me joy throughout the struggle in which I find myself was getting random messages on my Facebook from people I had no clue who they were telling me how much they enjoyed my bizarre little show, my sophomoric antics, and occasionally, my whining about life. Oh yeah, also music. I’m a music show!

Sharing the music I love, using my boundless creativity to entertain myself and sometimes you, having an outlet for the surplus of angst I’ve been carrying around since middle school, these are the reasons I jumped at the chance to have a show when this weird little joke of a radio station began.

Music-Thirty will be back. When I feel that I am at a place where I can create something, you’ll once again have your reason to live, and erisall the masturbation fodder from my sexy voice that you can handle. Until then, I have a project in the works, but last time I made mention of that, well…. see above…..and also the time before that…..

The power cut off on me as I got to this part so I’m taking this as a sign that I’m a fucking windbag and I’m killing the post.

Thank you for listening… to the show… not… to this post….

My love to you all,

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  1. Thomas Blankenship

    Sweet, JB.. Who added the meme and photo?

    1. KLST Admin

      I did.

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