Oct 22 2015

KLST Seriously Turns Up

We’re turning one year old! That’s right we’ve been on air, in your ear, and jamming it off for three hundred sixty five days, come October 23rd! We have been planning some special shows for the week, twerking the schedule, and turning things up! Tonight we have a special Wizards and Warlocks! Friday we have the Kick Ass Birthday Bash with the Wolves Den Crew led by Hell’s Belle & The Rev. party starts at 412109299_907197356028503_1395895262568731674_npm central, followed by a prime time Music-Thirty at 8pm, then a crescent fresh Docter Zan. We’ll also have Dada and fl4l at the 19th Hole in Bremerton, WA, sound dirty enough yet!? We’ve got more tricks in our pants…


If you haven’t heard our pal Steph, is marrying her love and soul mate, Glen Potter, a real dildo. No really, he looks to be a ten inch plastic dong with balls. He’s got dreamy eyes and is charming as fuck. Catch their ‘nups in Austin, TX, at Mister Tramps tomorrow, Friday, October 23rd. It’s gonna be a blast, part performance art, guest speakers, prizes, the whole shebang. We celebrate hard as fuck.

Catch you on the waves,
-Rev. Noxx


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  1. Sorry I could not make the Wedding in person, Steph.

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