Oct 31 2016


You may have noticed the site is a little buggy today, oh well, it’ll sort itself out. While we figure that out maybe you can help this demon get made into a doll. It’s controls are pretty simple, “Point, click, collect, and kill!”

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Halloween Show

Click here to hear the show!

Spike’s show The Graveyard Shift Radio Show “Halloween Special” Aired live last Friday, with live guest in studio DJ, Jess Walton aka “The Badfaerie”
and a very special live interview with owner and doll maker at Quarter Kids Voodoo Dolls, Alicia Smith. Alicia makes custom dolls of underground artists and celebrities. They chatted about her company and experiences in the industry.

We’ve got a Brand New Meal Time On Air Today! Served up just in time for halloween!
Today we have
Jin-XS at 3:30 pm
Music-Thirty at 4:30 pm
AlcheMinistry Labs at 5:30 pm
Meal Time at 6:00 pm
The Decompression Session 7:00 pm
Docter Zan at 8 pm
Meal Time 9 pm
Fl4L is out in the community tonight jammin it at a halloween festival at 10pm!!! **All Times In Central**
Dada & fl4L will be out in the Bremerton, Wa community, TONIGHT, DJing the festivities!
The Wolves Den Kitty Elections are OPEN!

We still need you to help vote the next Cat President!

Listen to the station and choose your favorite candidate!

CATCH UP ON THE FIRST SIX EPISODES HERE! Who will win? You can vote once a day, till Nov 8th!

Till then, you can also try your hand at Don’t look back, as well. Fairly spoopy side-scroller, remember… DON’T LOOK BACK!!!

Play free games at Kongregate

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