Oct 23 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, RadioKallisti.org

I am T2. One of the Founders of KLST. I’m on the Board of Directors, a very shaky
DJ, as well as Head Cheerleader and Chief Executive Worry-Wort at the Station.11209419_1642197326039288_2192624422497009634_n

I know pride is supposed to be a sin.
I don’t subscribe to that.

I am proud of KLST.

We are grateful to all the people who have made this thing possible.

Happy 1st Birthday, radiokallisti.org

A bit over a year ago, there was much chatter amongst Discordians suggesting “We should have a Radio Station”. There was no Radio Station. A few people agreed to the point of actually doing the work to make 103.5 KLST a reality. And a Radio Station was created. And Eris and Badger saw it, and it was good. Since those humble beginnings, many of you have joined the KLST Family. Your hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated, and I know you take great pride in being a part of this. So, I want to thank you. Well done.

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