Oct 02 2015

Guns & Butts

Humans are aggressive creatures, we’re also social. While the two seem at odds, they often work in tandem. People have gone on spree killings as far back as time records. Serial killers always stalked the roads and alleys. The violent walk among us and it will continue to be so, they are us. We invent words and phrases to define them, separate us from them. In truth, there is no definite line to draw distinction. Some people are aggressive, and some are charming, most are a blend, somewhere in between, it’s not like they are exclusive, one can be both keenly charming and violently aggressive.
iphone-suicide-nets2The average person will do extraordinarily out of character things if a crowd is cheering them on to act as such. Youth is even more readily influenced and due to having little life experience, a youth, can make some devastating choices. The mentally ill have it even worse with inner pressures as well as outer, and they explode. When they do, folk talk. Previously it may have been months or years before word got sufficiently around. By then the story had been distorted beyond recognition, but the news traveled. Copy cat killers are documented as early as the Servant Girl Annihilator, or Jack the Ripper and, certainly hinted at in earlier cases.
We now have better, faster methods to transmit news information. In turn, the cycles of the eternal wheel, “monkey see, monkey do” spin faster, the enormous pool of information is digested in real time by countless hungry eyes, and few take up arms to act it out. It’s not guns that are the issue. It’s people. Sick, desperate, lonely people vying for our attention.

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