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Mar 18 2017

Chuck Berry, Legend Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Dies At 90

Legendary musician Chuck Berry, who was central to the development of rock ‘n’ roll beginning in the ’50s with indelible hits like “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Rock and Roll Music” and “Johnny B. Goode,” died today in St. Charles County, Mo. He was 90 years old. His death was confirmed by the St. Charles County, Mo., …

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Feb 24 2017

From The Desk Of The Kitty President.

So we’re about to go to sleep. The newly Elected President Derp meowed at the bedroom door, requesting entrance. I opened the door and waited for him to come, but he there he stood, wide eyed and hopeful that he’d be given some unspoken proper welcome. I clicked and whistled, his usual response of entering …

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Dec 17 2016


With the elections over and President Derpy is setting into office, his new trade sanctions even brought in fresh shipments of catnip treats. The assassination attempt botched, the demon KLae’naST is in custody and, being questioned by the authorities. A joint, full inspectagation by the Secret Service and the F.B.I. is currently underway. MORE INFO …

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Oct 31 2016


You may have noticed the site is a little buggy today, oh well, it’ll sort itself out. While we figure that out maybe you can help this demon get made into a doll. It’s controls are pretty simple, “Point, click, collect, and kill!” Play free games at Kongregate Spike’s show The Graveyard Shift Radio Show …

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Sep 12 2016


Feb 07 2016

Shake Off Those Fapurary Blues

It’s that time of year, we’ve started passing these cards out for VD, flooding the Twitfeed with #JamItOff and #lovesux, which should sufficiently frighten off those blues with a burst of amused merriment… …or a slap in the face, whatever your predilections we have you covered. Election season is upon us like a rapist, we …

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Dec 22 2015


Dec 02 2015

Universal Things, secrets

Did you ever have a secret? Most people have. The universe itself has many. Tune in tonight as we discuss them on Universal Things, broadcasting live from the Wolves’s Den on 103.5 KLST Radio Kallisti. Listen here: Jam it off!

Oct 23 2015

Happy 1st Birthday,

I am T2. One of the Founders of KLST. I’m on the Board of Directors, a very shaky DJ, as well as Head Cheerleader and Chief Executive Worry-Wort at the Station. I know pride is supposed to be a sin. I don’t subscribe to that. I am proud of KLST. We are grateful to all …

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