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Dec 17 2016


With the elections over and President Derpy is setting into office, his new trade sanctions even brought in fresh shipments of catnip treats. The assassination attempt botched, the demon KLae’naST is in custody and, being questioned by the authorities. A joint, full inspectagation by the Secret Service and the F.B.I. is currently underway. MORE INFO …

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Sep 15 2016 presents: Episode 8 of the Wolves Den Kitty Elections!

Candidate Tiamat Squeakabix asserts dominance and comes under fire, but wait, is that a white knight I see on the horizon? #DerpySez #NEVERGIVEUP #VOTETODAY **All new episode playing all day today and all month!

Jun 25 2016


The Wolves Den Kitty Elections are NOW OPEN! We need you to help vote the next Cat President! Listen to the station and choose your favorite candidate! Who will win? You can vote once a day, till Nov 8th!   CATCH UP ON THE FIRST SIX EPISODES HERE!  

Jun 18 2016

Episode 5 of the Wolves Den Kitty Elections!

SCANDAL!! Just as Tiamat’s movie debuts! Whiskey leading the poles! Will the movie flop? Will the investigation into Whiskey’s past be more revealing than simply catnip abuse? If the photos are correct and not shooped, this might spell doom for Whiskey and Tiamat’s campaign! All new episode playing all day today and all month! ‪#‎WDKE2016‬  

Apr 17 2016

Episode 3 of the Wolves Den Kitty Elections presents: Episode 3 of the Wolves Den Kitty Elections! All new episode playing all day today and all month!

Feb 07 2016

103.5 KLST Presents The 2016 Wolves Den Kitty Elections!

We here at are proud to announce our upcoming 2016 Wolves Den Kitty Elections! We are asking you, our awesome listeners, to help us vote in our newest Cat President! Tune in for the debates of the century! Will CatNip finally be legalized? Are there ties to Mexican cartels? Will anyone survive Tiamat, the …

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Dec 04 2015


YOU COULD WIN!!! is holding the first ‘WHY I DON’T WANT TO ADULT ANYMORE’ CONTEST, all you gotta do is fill a page with drawings (construction paper and crayon preferred) depicting why you don’t want to adult anymore, then, upload it here. You mustn’t use any words, or symbols, you will be disqualified. Winners will …

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Nov 22 2015


Selfie Sunday is HERE! Tune in to hear details on the prizes! Post a pic, like and share, tell your friends to help you win! Get the most likes on your selfie, WIN. Sound simple? This month the winner will be caricatured, and they will also get their choice of six different games, offered through Steam™! …

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Nov 14 2015


                                        We got a bunch of new shows this month, Universal Things, Preposterous Hypothesis, T2’s Hullabaloo, Music-Thirty went through changes, and is now the longer, Music-Hour (Ladies like it)!

Oct 22 2015

KLST Seriously Turns Up

We’re turning one year old! That’s right we’ve been on air, in your ear, and jamming it off for three hundred sixty five days, come October 23rd! We have been planning some special shows for the week, twerking the schedule, and turning things up! Tonight we have a special Wizards and Warlocks! Friday we have the …

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