Aug 01 2015

A Glorious Waste

Its so fucking beautiful outside, at least that’s what my window tells me. I had this idea: put a really high-definition TV up against someone’s window with a prerecorded video of the usual perspective, but edit in whatever type of disaster you enjoy… atomic bomb, alien invasion, zombies, gay-pride parade, whatever.

You never question what is out the window. You trust the evidence of your own senses and if your senses tell you that a gay-pride parade is coming down your dirt road, then you’re gonna grab your elephant gun and wing some homos.

Right now my senses tell me the sky is a beautiful Carolina blue, that the world is covered in lovely green grass with patches of bright flowers and the trees which tip the balance between verdant and azure also add a patchwork of shadow as the day gives way to evening.

I want to go outside but I have no purpose. Of course walking is free, unless you live in a warzone (like Detroit or Gaza), but I’ve been doing a lot of that recently and my legs are fucking shot. I’m so bored. Wish I had someone to hang out with, something to do like play tetherball or spraypaint graffiti, but all my friends are dead or, alternatively, smart enough to get the fuck out of this God-forsaken town.

I bet there’s friends out there that I just haven’t met yet, interesting people with compelling stories and… I can’t bring myself to finish that thought. There’s not. They all left in 2013.

I turn on some music and its Madonna – Ray of Light. I bare no shame in my music tastes.

I would love to continue writing as it gives me something to do to while-away the lonely hours between masturbation and suicide, but my senses indicate that Godzilla is destroying my humble burg and I finally have a reason to go outside, which is to cheer him on.

I’m not really going outside, I’ll be sitting here, depressed. If you need me, shine the bong-signal and I’ll come running…I’ll come walking…. I might show up.KLST-2-logo-sticker00002

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  1. Great stuff, JB. Wish we could have hooked up while you were in Chicago for Riot Fest. Bad comms on our part. I would have popped for lunch or drinks. Shown you some gems in the city. Alas! Another time..

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