Monthly Archive: October 2017

Oct 31 2017


It’s Halloween at! Tune in all day for some very special treats! 2pm central- The Music-Thirty KLST Family HALLOWEEN Special 3pm – The Decompression Session Three Hour Spooktacular with Niz Noxx, leading up to: 7pm – DJ Night Vision’s Bullshit & The Hype HALLOWEEN BASH which will be dual casting on Aftermath Radio

Oct 19 2017


“It’s interesting to note that about a month ago national dialog was about how America was full of Nazis and run by Nazis or Nazi sympathizers. Now, for the last couple of days, people are talking about that same government disarming the citizenry – just like the Nazis of Germany did historically. This is hypocritical …

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Oct 13 2017


We were down for 48hrs because we didn’t have the donations in the bank to cover server fees. Keep the jams alive!  Still working on getting our shoutcast server going till then

Oct 09 2017


I know it may look bad. It is just a troll. It has always been a troll. We see the despair in the world. We see the suffering, and just like the great jesters in the courts of kings in the past, we make light of it. We come as artists and as social engineers …

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