Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 25 2016


The Wolves Den Kitty Elections are NOW OPEN! We need you to help vote the next Cat President! Listen to the station and choose your favorite candidate! Who will win? You can vote once a day, till Nov 8th!   CATCH UP ON THE FIRST SIX EPISODES HERE!  

Jun 18 2016

Episode 5 of the Wolves Den Kitty Elections!

SCANDAL!! Just as Tiamat’s movie debuts! Whiskey leading the poles! Will the movie flop? Will the investigation into Whiskey’s past be more revealing than simply catnip abuse? If the photos are correct and not shooped, this might spell doom for Whiskey and Tiamat’s campaign! All new episode playing all day today and all month! ‪#‎WDKE2016‬